training session #1515

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Tuesday 20 November, 17:36

Run commute home. Cold, wet, dark. Easy pace, no rush, enjoyed it.

Distance: 4.82 miles

Time: 46:56

Avg pace: 9:44 min/mile

Calories: 458

Trainers: Brooks Ghost 10


Brighton 10k Race

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Sunday 18 November, 09:32

Cool and sunny. Had felt a niggle in left glute so thought about taking it easy. Busy start, lots of runners made for a slow and steady pace. As the runners spread out I set about passing a few and running a comfortable pace.

There were lots of Vegan Runners from across the UK

About 3 miles in I noticed my last 2 splits had been around 7:30 min/mile. That equates to around 45 minutes, my PB set last week. Felt good so tried to keep that pace going and see what happened.

Didn’t see mile 4 split. Mile 5 was good. Pushed hard on the out and back final mile along Madeira Drive. Didn’t glance at watch, just pushed. Missed the PB I set last week at Dalby Forest by 13 seconds. I’d lost that time early on during the first mile. Never mind, pleased to do that having run hard at parkrun yesterday and walked all over town. At least I know the PB is definitely beatable.

Fantastic running among lots of VRs and with lots of ‘go vegan runner’ shouts.

Distance: 10km / 6.2 miles

Time: 45:34

Avg pace: 7:20 min/mile

Calories: 462

Trainers: Brooks Ghost 10

Brighton & Hove parkrun

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Saturday 17 November, 09:04

Big Vegan Weekend gathering of VRs at this parkrun. Was going to run easy but the weather was great and could not resist overtaking. Mile splits show I pushed on after the first half mile, as the runners spread out.

Distance: 5k

Time : Official 23:02

training session #1514

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Thursday 15 November, 18:49

Hill interval session with Sheffield Vegan Runners. Will, Fisher, Julie, Kelly, Helen, Mikk and me. On the golf course running to trees. Great session.

Distance: 4.26 miles

Time: 1:12:16

Stats include WU and WD

training session #1513

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Wednesday 14 November, 17:09

Run commute home, easy pace with a light backpack.

Distance: 4.75 miles

Time: 46:17

training session #1512

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Tuesday 13 November, 06:50

Brisk walk from home to train station.

Distance: 3.72 miles

Time: 58:46

training session #1511

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Monday 12 November, 18:30

Running drills and a social run around the area, with Sheffield Vegan Runners.

Forgot to start watch so only measured the social run and WD.

Then when I got home I went out for a couple more miles, while I was dressed for it.

Distance: 5.1 miles

Time: 1:06:22