Month: February 2009

More stats

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Total cholesterol: 5.9
HDL: 0.81
LDL: 5.1

BP 132/86

Risk rated as High due to ratio of bad cholesterol and good cholesterol (over 7:1). Risk 17%.

Did a fasting lipids blood sample and a sample to test for sugars/diabetes. Also referred to hospital for an ECG (at RHH) – did it same day.


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Thurs 26/2:
14st 8lb / 92kg
Lost 2lb / 1kg since previous weigh in 🙂

Emma – sans braces

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Emma’s had her braces taken off today, and keeps showing off her smile….


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Jeff mentioned that he’s just had an eye test. This pic shows he’s either suffering from double vision, or the opticians had a 2-for-1 offer on…

The gall…

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Weds 11 Feb had a lesson from the doc on what a gall bladder is and what gall stones are… and was referred to hospital for a consultant to decide what to do about mine.

Was also informed that the stomach scan shows a ‘fatty liver’. That is, fat deposits in my liver. Need to eat better and exercise to sort this out.

Awaiting results from a blood test for cholesterol and starting to think of the food changes I’ll need to make. At least the cold weather is breaking a bit and I’ll be able to get out and about and exercise a bit.

Stats: 11 Feb – 14st 10lb / 93kg

Reflections on the Steel City Derby

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After yesterday I had a look at some statistics, and they help to put the disastrous defeat in perspective:

  • The Pigs hadn’t done the double over us for 95 years, until yesterday.
  • We did the league double over them as recently as 2005-06.
  • Prior to yesterday the Pigs hadn’t won a league derby match at BDTBL since 1967.
  • We beat the Pigs at Hillsboro in Feb 2006, less than three years ago.
  • We’ve won 44 league derby matches to the Pigs’ 38.

All this from a bit of Googling and Wikipedia.

Feel better now that the defeat can be considered in this broader context.

Blades v Pigs 7 Feb 2009

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Score: 1-2. Disaster!!

Went with Jeff, and the pleasant winter sunshine didn’t make up for a poor Blades performance. Always hoofing it up in the air to our vertically-challenged strike force.

Lupoli scored in the 5th minute to equalise, and did well on his debut. Halford was the target man up front, provided cover on the right midfield and helped in defence too. He also took the long throws, which were so effective yet they changed to taking short ones(?). Halford was my MOTM.

Fans calling for Blackwell out – he seems to have no idea, no tactics, and can’t get them to play on the floor. Dropped to 5th place in the table and hope is fading of a strong finish to the season.


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Had to get to London for a meeting today – but the South East had had it’s biggest snowfall for 18 years. Some 8 inches of snow. Only 2 inches fell in Sheffield.

Was lucky with my trains and the Victoria tube line, so got there and back fine. A bit slower due to the weather etc, and the last leg driving from station to home took nearly an hour.

London roads were fairly quiet. Didn’t stop snowing all the time I was there, and now its heading North. Forecast over 8 inches for Yorkshire tonight….