Month: March 2009

Training run #4

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Tuesday 31 March.

6.45pm after dropping off Emma at GB. Weather ideal – no wind, overcast, a bit cool but fine in a t-shirt.

Week 1 pattern; 1 min run: 1.5 min walk: did 10 reps.
Round the 4k at RV
Took 25 mins, then a 5 min 28 secs walk to finish. Total 30 min 28 secs.

(I plan to just record the circuit time on one training run each week through the 8 week training pattern to see how time improves with more running than walking)

Felt fine, even though I’m just getting over a few days with heavy cold.

158 days to BGYR.

Training run #3

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Sat 28/3/09

Brilliant run, with Jeff round RV. Tried on a HRM and was easy to use.

This was the start of a structured training plan – week 1 = run 60 seconds, walk 90 seconds, for 8 reps. Managed to do it round the 4k route / main lake, possibly 10 reps.

Need to repeat every other day this week before moving on to week 2 pattern.

Even with a light cold I managed to run fine. Coughed a bit later though!

Tried one of Jeff’s iso drinks and took him to Morrisons to buy a couple of cheap Zen Stone mp3 players.

A great run.

Weigh in 26/3

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Weigh in Thurs 26/3
13st 12lb / 88kg
Lost 1 pound this week

Training run #2

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Tues 24/03/09

Home to RV – 8.30
RV-RV (4k main lake) – 29.30
RV to home – 9.15
Total session – 47.15

Weather bright, sunny, windy. Set off just after sunrise at 6am ish. Needed hat and gloves as it had been a cold night.

Felt good, started to pace myself from the beginning of RV and didn’t get so out of breath as before. But legs (quads) still a bit stiff/sore from 1st run so took it steady. Still plenty of strong walking inbetween the jogging, to get my breath back, but did fine. Think I’m learning my limitations and working within them now. A good run.

165 days to BGYR.

Hospital 23/3/09

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The docs say they’ll take my gall bladder out, to completely prevent further trouble. Next appointment 15/4 for a ‘pre-op’, whatever that is.

The op is keyhole surgery under general anaesthetic, should be in hospital 3 days – longer if there’s any complications. Then 2-3 weeks recovery at home. Doc said I should be OK for the BGYR 10k in September.

Training run #1

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21 March 09 – first training run/jog/walk.

Brilliant weather, sunny, no wind. Started a bit before 8am.

Home – RV 8 min 12 secs
Round RV short lap (just main lake) 28 min 58secs
RV – home 9 min 8 secs
Total trip 46 min 18 secs

Ran/jogged till out of breath then walked until got breath back. Legs felt fine, and when I paced myself a bit I jogged further and further.

New trainers fine, but minor rubbing right heel and small blister. Need to wear a plaster/tape until it adapts to trainers.

168 days until BGYR. Feeling confident that I’ll be OK on the day.

Weigh in 19/3

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Weigh in 19/3
13st 13lb – no change from last week.
Possibly need to review my portion sizes at mealtime, or it could be an effect of the statins I started taking the day after my last weigh in.