Training run #1

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21 March 09 – first training run/jog/walk.

Brilliant weather, sunny, no wind. Started a bit before 8am.

Home – RV 8 min 12 secs
Round RV short lap (just main lake) 28 min 58secs
RV – home 9 min 8 secs
Total trip 46 min 18 secs

Ran/jogged till out of breath then walked until got breath back. Legs felt fine, and when I paced myself a bit I jogged further and further.

New trainers fine, but minor rubbing right heel and small blister. Need to wear a plaster/tape until it adapts to trainers.

168 days until BGYR. Feeling confident that I’ll be OK on the day.

2 thoughts on “Training run #1

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