Day: March 24, 2009

Training run #2

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Tues 24/03/09

Home to RV – 8.30
RV-RV (4k main lake) – 29.30
RV to home – 9.15
Total session – 47.15

Weather bright, sunny, windy. Set off just after sunrise at 6am ish. Needed hat and gloves as it had been a cold night.

Felt good, started to pace myself from the beginning of RV and didn’t get so out of breath as before. But legs (quads) still a bit stiff/sore from 1st run so took it steady. Still plenty of strong walking inbetween the jogging, to get my breath back, but did fine. Think I’m learning my limitations and working within them now. A good run.

165 days to BGYR.