Day: March 28, 2009

Training run #3

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Sat 28/3/09

Brilliant run, with Jeff round RV. Tried on a HRM and was easy to use.

This was the start of a structured training plan – week 1 = run 60 seconds, walk 90 seconds, for 8 reps. Managed to do it round the 4k route / main lake, possibly 10 reps.

Need to repeat every other day this week before moving on to week 2 pattern.

Even with a light cold I managed to run fine. Coughed a bit later though!

Tried one of Jeff’s iso drinks and took him to Morrisons to buy a couple of cheap Zen Stone mp3 players.

A great run.

Weigh in 26/3

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Weigh in Thurs 26/3
13st 12lb / 88kg
Lost 1 pound this week