Month: April 2009

Weigh-in 30/4/09

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Thursday 30 April.

13st 3lb / 84kg. Lost 3lb this week.

Good progress.

Training run #18

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Wednesday 29 April, 6.10pm.

Week 5 pattern; 8 mins running / 2 mins walking. Three reps and a run to the finish. Total time 32.50.

Sunny, warm and windy – breezy really, depending which part of the lake you’re at.

Started to get tired on the 2nd rep and noted on the 3rd rep my was HR rising above the 149 max I was aiming to stay within. Wasn’t pressing on for a fast time, but the heat and everything made it hard work. Average HR 141 (compared to 140 Monday, 138 Saturday). Max HR 155 (compared to 150/149).

But got a good workout from it and felt good afterwards.

Training run #17

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Monday 27 April, 6.18pm

Been raining all day but the sun came out so had a run. Mild, only needed football shirt.

Went very easy, deliberately. Concentrated a bit on easing HR, keeping it under control. Happy with HR stats – average 140, peak 150. Most of the time it seemed to be mid-140s, looking at the watch on the way around.

Felt easy, comfortable. Overall time 33.24, but not bothered. Felt tired afterwards, probably a combination of heat and because its at the end of a long day.

131 days to BGYR.

Training run #16

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Saturday 25 April, 6.10am.

An early morning run as we’re taking Emma and Lauren to Camden Crawl this morning.

Cool and sunny; weather for coat, hat and gloves!

Ran slow and easy as it’s my first Week 5 run; 8 mins run, 2 mins walk for 3 reps.

Managed it OK, felt slow but did the 5k lap in 32.32. Three full reps and a 2.5 min jog to the end.

Felt great. HR was OK too – max 149, average 138.

Weigh-in 23/4/09

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No change – 13st 6lb like last week. Possibly 13st 6.5lb, but the scales are quite a way from my head…

I’ll read it as even and see how I go next weigh-in.

Have been eating too many nut/fruit/cereal bars, I think. Tended to snack on them instead of having a drink.

Have also been concentrating on staying healthy with the op possible anytime now.

Had a migraine this evening – from 4pm till now. Two spells of ‘fizzy’ vision and a mild headache.

Training run #15

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Wednesday 22 April, 6.40pm.

After a tiring day in Leeds, which included carting a laptop around all day on train and tram, felt a bit tired but the run went OK.

Warm sunny evening, HR bit higher than Monday’s run but still lower that Saturday’s. Felt better as the run went on. Started slowly with just the intention to finish, but ended up doing 32.08 for the 5k lap. Got a bit of stitch later on, but not too bad and didn’t affect me that much.

Still on Week 4 pattern; 5:2 ratio, run:walk.

Training run #14

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Monday 20 April, 6.11pm.

Took it as easy as possible because weather was warm, sunny, no breeze. Finished in 32.30, half a minute longer than 18/4 but felt OK.

Also managed to reduce heart rate from 18/4 –
Avg HR 147 Sat, 142 today
Max HR 162 Sat, 158 today
GTC shows I spent much more time in lower HR zones.

Felt like my first hot weather run and pleased I managed it well and controlled pace and HR. But I know its going to get warmer…

BGYR in 138 days.