Day: April 4, 2009

Training run #6

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Saturday 4 April 17:45

Week 2 pattern: run 2 mins, walk 1 min (supposed to do 7 reps)

Managed 8 full reps (24 mins) and a 2 min 28 jog to the end of the 4km lap of RV. (Half way through the 9th rep I saw how near the end was and carried on jogging)

Total 26:28, a PB for the 4k lap.

Weather sunny, light cloud, bit of a breeze. Nice enough to just wear a football shirt.

Felt OK but the legs knew they’d done a bit more running than usual. A couple of the later reps were easier than the first few, when I’d settled into a comfortable pace.

Tried a gel just before starting the run – a Go gel I think, berry flavour with caffeine. Nice but don’t know if it made any difference. Must have overdosed on carbs and stuff cos at the end I had a Rego strawberry 500ml. Felt like having a liquid meal.

Was the first run with a ‘Gallstone mp3’ full of what I think of as ‘high energy’ tracks. Enjoyed it, but don’t know if that made any difference either!