Day: April 10, 2009

Training run #9

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Good Friday, 10 April, 07.30.

Weather very nice; sunny, mild, hardly any wind. Decided to run early morning as heavy rain is forecast from 9.00 for the rest of the day. Felt OK and had an energy gel (tropical flavour) on the walk down to RV.

Week 2 pattern; did 8 full reps and a sprint to the finish. Total time 25.10, a PB for 4k lap at RV.

On the 6th and 8th reps felt very strong and was positively bouncing along, lifting my knees and making progress – but not sprinting. (Just better than a slow jog/shuffle along.) I realised half way round that I was doing well, as each rep seemed to be taking me a bit further round than before, based on landmarks I’m getting used to.

It occurred to me afterwards that I’ll probably not beat 25.10 for a while as when I start with a HRM (should arrive soon) then I’ll limit my speeds a bit to manage HR. Might affect lap times unless I do a speed lap deliberately now and then.

Not sure about the gels – they have an odd consistency and lack flavour, but both times I’ve had one I’ve done a PB. Might be all in the mind…?

A very Good Friday indeed. Felt good all round and afterwards, and will switch to Week 3 pattern next run. But when I got in I realised I’d not prepared an electrolyte drink….so just had plain water and a nice bath.

BGYR is in 149 days.