Month: July 2009

Training run #43

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Friday 31 July, 6.38am.

Nice cool sunny start to the day.

2 laps of main lake at RV; 8.1k.

Total time 53.36. two and a half minutes quicker than previous run (56.10).

Avg HR 141bpm; peak HR 151bpm. Slightly lower than previous run (142/152).

Time spent higher than ideal HR zone 1.07; much better than previous run (2.46).

I think the cool temp was helpful and helped me improve on the above measures, even though the previous run was another cool morning start.

36 days to BGYR; 5 weeks! On target.

Just Giving

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Training run #42

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Tuesday 28 July, 7.03am.

Sunny, cool (to start with – felt warm later).

Did 2 laps of the main lake at RV = 8.1km. Tiring but OK.

Overall time 56.10. NST said this is 8.5km/h, or 7 mins/km.

NST link:

Managed HR well, due to coolish temperature. Avg HR 142bpm; peak HR 152bpm. Time spent over upper HR limit (over 149bpm) was only 2.46; very good.

Blister left foot hurt a bit; later realised I’d run a little differently to compensate, as I could feel the muscle/ankle tiredness.

Training run #41

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Saturday 25 July 2009, 9.12am.

Warm, sunny.

Decided to increase distance so did a full 5k lap and added on 2 extra laps of the small lake. Total distance 7.82k. A bit more than I expected. Got blisters on both insteps around 5-6k. Felt dehydrated too.

Total time 58.11.

Heart rate was OK for most of my regular distance but went up around 4-5k and stayed higher than my programmed zone. Probably due to the heat and extra distance. Also, I wasn’t concentrating on breathing towards the end and that indiscipline probably helped keep it high. Avg HR 147bpm; peak HR 162bpm.

A good run, it stretched me and I felt tired afterwards. Noticed that even after a large porridge for breakfast I felt very hungry (low sugar, lightheaded) around lunchtime and needed long drinks and sugary food to get back to normal.

Nokia Sports Tracker link:

Average speed 7.96k/hr.

Might just do 2 4k laps next time, rather than 5k plus 2 small laps.

Weigh-in 23/7/09

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No change. Still 12st 9lb.

Training run #40

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Monday 20 July, 6:58am.

A clear, sunny, crisp morning. No wind. Cool.

Straightforward run, and kept the HR (both avg and peak) 5bpm below the previous run while taking only 19 seconds longer. Due to the cool weather, I think.

Total time 36:46.

Avg HR 136bpm, peak HR 144bpm.

Training run #39

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Saturday 18 July 9.49am.

Weather warm, breezy/gusty.

First run with Nokia Sports Tracker to check 5k lap distance and try it out. The first pic is a screen capture of the online portal.

Nokia confirms the long RV lap distance is 4.96k. Average speed 7.89km/h.

Link to my run on the Nokia website:

Useful format, lets you see the fastest parts of the lap and pointing at them on the graph a dot appears on the map. I also saw a data field on the phone showing calories burned, but that’s probably not very accurate.

Still using Garmin Training Centre:
Total time 36:28.
Average HR 141bpm.
Peak HR 149pbm.

A good run, and it will be useful to have the Nokia/GPS so I can vary my training and run other routes and capture distance travelled/speed.