Month: July 2009

Weigh-in 16/7/09

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Weigh in;

no change, still 12st 9lb.

The digital scales show 0.4lb lost, but I’m only counting whole pounds rather than obsessing about ounces!!

Have had some sweets this week and one night my tea was a whole pizza, so I’m slightly surprised my weight hasn’t gone up.

Training run #38

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Wednesday 15 July, 6.54pm.

Hot, sunny, slight breeze. At the end of a long day, working in Leeds.

Did an easy 4k run round RV without stopping (except to tie one lace).

Thought it would be very slow but time was same as Monday, 29.40.

Avg HR 135bpm, peak HR 142bpm. Almost identical to Monday’s.

Training run #37

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Monday 13 July, 6.33am.

Sunny, cool, slight breeze. Perfect!

Felt good so kept going. Did the whole 4k lap easy pace, no walking.

Time 29.43. Avg HR 135!!! Peak HR 140.

Feel like ditching the training plans and building up slowly to a run for an hour. I think the plan slowly builds to a 25 or 30 min run at longest – useless.

Training run #36

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Saturday 11 July, 9.16am.

Sunny, warm.

Did the set training run, 15 mins easy, then 1 min walk and run to finish of 4k lap.

Total time 29.07. Avg HR 140bpm, peak HR 147bpm. Good.

Felt fine.

56 days / 8 weeks to BYGR.

Weigh-in 9/7/09

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Weigh-in Thurs 9 July 2009.

12st 9lb. No change from 2 weeks ago.

Training run #35

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Wednesday 8 July, 5.55am.

Sunny, nice cool morning. Lots of rabbits everywhere!

A mix of training runs; 15 mins easy run, then 1 min walk / 3 min run, three and a bit 4 reps to finish.

Time on 4k lap 29.05. Avg HR 139bpm; peak HR 151. The peak represents only 9 seconds above 149bpm, and was due to me thinking what I’d do to the thieves that broke into my shed at 4.30am and nicked my bike! I’d been controlling my HR fine but then my thoughts wandered and I imagined chasing the thieves and HR monitor started beeping!

A good run. (Was one day early for the new plan (should have been on Thursday), but no problem).

Training run #34

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Monday 6 July, 9am.

Weather warm, sunny, bit of a breeze. Brief light shower.

Mixed Week 3 pattern with Great Run training plan. 10 min run, 1 min walk, 3 min run, 1 min walk etc. on 4k lap of RV.

Did 10 min + 4x 3 min running. Total time 28.41. Felt great.

Avg HR 140bpm, peak HR 151.