Month: August 2009

training run #58

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Bank Holiday Monday 31 August, 8.11am.

Very warm, sunny, windy on parts of the lap.

Aimed for a HR-controlled run, reasonable time. Felt it took a while to loosen up and I was feeling the heat. Around 6-7k I found a very gentle jog pace that I could have kept for many miles more – but it wasn’t that fast. Felt like I was light jogging rather than running today.

Lap 1 (4k) – 25:43 (avg HR 143bpm)
Lap 2 (4k) – 27:07 (avg HR 146bpm)
Total (8k) – 52:50 (avg HR 145bpm)

Nokia Sports Tracker measured the 2 laps as 7.99km. Avg pace 6:41 min/km. (Bear in mind the 20 secs to get the thing on my arm at the start and another 20 secs to take it off at the end – it measured my time as 53.30)

docs 28/08/09

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Results of blood test for cholesterol and liver function:

Total cholesterol 3.8 – almost same as last test.
Within this, triglycerides are 2.4 – doc would like that below 2.0, but it’s OK.

Liver – bilirubin level is same as last test at 32. This is not excessive but slightly raised. Could be a sign of Gilberts Syndrome, or just naturally raised. Bilirubin is linked to red blood cells. If it drops that’s good; if it stays at 32 that’s OK but may mean if I get an infection I’ll be slightly more jaundiced than I’d otherwise be; if it goes up they’ll need to investigate. Another test in 2 months.

Asked about glucosamine sulphate and cod liver oil tablets to help knee and other joints with my running. Doc said the evidence was inconclusive whether they’re beneficial but neither would harm my low-cholesterol efforts.

Asked about how straightforward a certificate would be for running a marathon in the future. Doc said if they need a cast-iron guarantee I’m fit it’d be a raft of scans and tests and quite costly – there are sports docs that would do it. If it’s just a more general note that I’m in fair health with no known major complaints that’s easier and something he’d be happy to do. Depends to what degree they’re needing proof of fitness.

training run #57

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Saturday 29 August, 9.01am.

Sunny, breezy, mild.

Aimed for a gentle 10k run with low HR and slow time, as I start to taper for the Sheffield 10k on 6/9.

Lap 1 (5k) – 31.23 (avg HR 140bpm)
Lap 2 (5k) – 31.50 (avg HR 142bpm)
Total (10k) – 63.13 (avg HR 141bpm)

Felt good after, still plenty left in the legs.

Nokia Sports Tracker measured it as 9.56km, avg speed 8.97km/h, avg pace 6.41 per km.

training run #56

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Monday 24 August, 6:49pm.

Warm, sunny.

Did a 5k lap of RV, aiming for mid-140s HR and a decent time.

Nokia Sports Tracker measured it as 4.85km.
Time 28:22. Avg HR 145bpm; peak 151bpm.
Fastest ‘5k’ lap yet, and comparable to some 4k laps I did on 15/8.

Would have run another lap but needed to get tea sorted and go shopping 😦

PrintScreen of Nokia Sports Tracker for run#56
PrintScreen of Nokia Sports Tracker for run#56

training run #55

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Saturday 22 August, 5.38pm.

A 10k run with Jeff!  Hot, sunny, slapped the sun cream on.

Ran a steady pace aiming to do around 60 mins.

My HRM didn’t capture first lap, must have not pressed it properly, or caught the button.

Lap 1 (5k) – timed by Jeff at 30:30
Lap 2 (5k) – 30:35 (avg HR 149bpm)
Total: 61:05 (estimated avg HR 147bpm)

Jeff’s HRM captured the run as 9.5k so we did a bit more, to 64 mins, but we’re checking accuracy.

Felt fine, just hot and thirsty.  The run confirmed we’re running the same pace comfortably.  Bring on the BGYR 10k!

training run #54

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Friday 21 August, 6.29am.

Cool, sunny, breeze.  Had 250ml of water, no gel.

Went for a faster 10k time, still trying to keep within HR but towards my upper training limit of 149bpm.  Was aiming to run under 60 mins.

Lap 1 (5k) – 29:04 (avg HR 145bpm)
Lap 2 (5k) – 28:59 (avg HR 150bpm)
Total time – 58:03 (avg HR 147bpm)

Was surprised to knock 4.5 minutes off my 10k PB.  Felt tired but fine.

training run #53

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Wednesday 19 August, 6.28am.

Weather mild, sunny, breeze on some parts of the lap.

Did a 10k run, tried to keep HR under control and after seeing a good time for first lap of RV pushed a little to try to get a good 10k time.  Drank 250ml on first lap, nothing on 2nd, and had a gel before starting.

Lap 1 (5k) – 31 min 40 sec (avg HR 137bpm)
Lap 2 (5k) – 30 min 54 sec (avg HR 143bpm)
Total time – 62 min 34 sec (avg HR 140bpm, peak HR 149bpm)

Knocked three and a half mins off previous best 10k time. Very pleased.  Felt tired but fine.  At times my stride lengthened and it felt more like running than the light jogging I’ve been used to; good progress, natural progression.

training run #52

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Monday 17 August, 6.14am.

Weather cool, overcast, light showers.

Did a 14k run; 2x 5k laps and 1x 4k lap.  Felt OK, tired towards end but not exhausted.  Ate a gel just before the start and slowly drank a 500ml water all the way round.

Lap 1 – 34.22  (avg HR 138bpm)
Lap 2 – 32.45 (avg HR 139bpm)
Lap 3 – 26.26 (avg HR 140bpm)

Overall avg HR 139bpm, peak HR 157bpm.  Strange that spike, happened around 1.5k HR just peaked and then dropped sharply, but not on a big hill or anything.  Probably just too fast pace and reacting to a rain shower.

Pleased with the times and avg HR. Overall time 1 hr, 33 min, 33 secs.

training run #51

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Saturday 15 August, 8.52am.

Warm, sunny, windy. Wanted to start earlier but didn’t manage it.

Had a gel before start and 500ml water bottle. Went for a steady run, not watching HR all the time but keeping it under top limit.

3 laps of main lake = 12k.

Lap 1-  27.32
Lap 2 – 28.23
Lap 3 – 28.43
Total time – 1 hr 24 min 37 secs.  Just a few seconds quicker than previous 12k, but it was hot and the wind was strong today.

Avg HR 144bpm, peak HR 152bpm – not bad for conditions.

weigh-in 13/8/09

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Weigh in, first for 3 weeks.

12st 7lb; lost 2 lb.

Not surprised with the 42km I’ve run since last Friday (10+10+12+10).