Day: August 2, 2009

Training run #44

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Sunday 2 August, 7.13am.

Sunny, cool to start with.

Did a 4k lap of main lake and a 5k lap of both lakes. Phone GPS says 8.96km, so it’s 9k…

Time 62.49.

Avg HR 145bpm, peak HR 152bpm. Not bad.

Felt fine and could have run further. Will do more 9k runs this week and step up to 10k next week, hopefully.

Wore different socks to try to get rid of blisters. These were 1000 mile trainer socks. Didn’t seem to cool my feet any better and still got (small) blisters around where I’ve already got them. Perhaps need to let them heal properly, or maybe try 1000 mile triathlon socks or even change trainers.