training run #53

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Wednesday 19 August, 6.28am.

Weather mild, sunny, breeze on some parts of the lap.

Did a 10k run, tried to keep HR under control and after seeing a good time for first lap of RV pushed a little to try to get a good 10k time.  Drank 250ml on first lap, nothing on 2nd, and had a gel before starting.

Lap 1 (5k) – 31 min 40 sec (avg HR 137bpm)
Lap 2 (5k) – 30 min 54 sec (avg HR 143bpm)
Total time – 62 min 34 sec (avg HR 140bpm, peak HR 149bpm)

Knocked three and a half mins off previous best 10k time. Very pleased.  Felt tired but fine.  At times my stride lengthened and it felt more like running than the light jogging I’ve been used to; good progress, natural progression.

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