Day: August 31, 2009

training run #58

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Bank Holiday Monday 31 August, 8.11am.

Very warm, sunny, windy on parts of the lap.

Aimed for a HR-controlled run, reasonable time. Felt it took a while to loosen up and I was feeling the heat. Around 6-7k I found a very gentle jog pace that I could have kept for many miles more – but it wasn’t that fast. Felt like I was light jogging rather than running today.

Lap 1 (4k) – 25:43 (avg HR 143bpm)
Lap 2 (4k) – 27:07 (avg HR 146bpm)
Total (8k) – 52:50 (avg HR 145bpm)

Nokia Sports Tracker measured the 2 laps as 7.99km. Avg pace 6:41 min/km. (Bear in mind the 20 secs to get the thing on my arm at the start and another 20 secs to take it off at the end – it measured my time as 53.30)