Month: August 2009

training run #52

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Monday 17 August, 6.14am.

Weather cool, overcast, light showers.

Did a 14k run; 2x 5k laps and 1x 4k lap.  Felt OK, tired towards end but not exhausted.  Ate a gel just before the start and slowly drank a 500ml water all the way round.

Lap 1 – 34.22  (avg HR 138bpm)
Lap 2 – 32.45 (avg HR 139bpm)
Lap 3 – 26.26 (avg HR 140bpm)

Overall avg HR 139bpm, peak HR 157bpm.  Strange that spike, happened around 1.5k HR just peaked and then dropped sharply, but not on a big hill or anything.  Probably just too fast pace and reacting to a rain shower.

Pleased with the times and avg HR. Overall time 1 hr, 33 min, 33 secs.

training run #51

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Saturday 15 August, 8.52am.

Warm, sunny, windy. Wanted to start earlier but didn’t manage it.

Had a gel before start and 500ml water bottle. Went for a steady run, not watching HR all the time but keeping it under top limit.

3 laps of main lake = 12k.

Lap 1-  27.32
Lap 2 – 28.23
Lap 3 – 28.43
Total time – 1 hr 24 min 37 secs.  Just a few seconds quicker than previous 12k, but it was hot and the wind was strong today.

Avg HR 144bpm, peak HR 152bpm – not bad for conditions.

weigh-in 13/8/09

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Weigh in, first for 3 weeks.

12st 7lb; lost 2 lb.

Not surprised with the 42km I’ve run since last Friday (10+10+12+10).

training totals…

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Since I’ve reached 50 training runs today, I thought I’d see what the totals were:

Total distance run – 267.8km

Number of 4k laps (round main lake) – 30

Number of 5k laps (round both lakes) – 29

Number of laps round small lake (1.4k) – 2

training run #50

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Thursday 13 August, 6.25am.

Cold, cool early morning. Sunny, slight breeze. Perfect.

Had a gel before the start and carried 500ml water round.

Took it easy, controlling HR for 2x 5k laps. After finishing the water and binning the bottle at 7.5k I felt really good and was able to pick up the pace without HR jumping. But was surprised and pleased at the HR and time. I did feel a slight twinge in left shoulder, from carrying the water in my right arm and compensating.

First 5k lap 33.06
Second 5k lap 33.04
Total time 66.10 – nearly 3 minutes faster than Sunday’s 10k.

Avg HR 138bpm; peak HR 146bpm. Brilliant. A combination of cool temperature and staying hydrated, I think.

Training run #49

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Tuesday 11 August, 6.17am.

Weather sunny, mild. Very slight breeze.

Did 12k easy pace run, watching HR carefully.  This was 3 laps of main lake at RV.  Had a gel before the start and had 500ml water bottle to drink on the run.

1st lap was 28.06; 2nd lap timed at 28.32; 3rd lap was 28.06; overall 1 hour 24 mins and 44 seconds.  Pleasantly surprised.

The HR was  very good; average 136bpm, peak 142bpm.

3.5 weeks to BGYR; 2 months to the day for Cardiff half marathon.

Felt good at the end of the 12k. Not shattered but tired, and legs were a bit tired/stiff during the day at the office.  It was reassuring that I’m able to manage my pace to run a 28/29 minute lap time.  Could have gone faster, or longer.

training run #48

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Sunday 9 August, 7.44am.

Sunny, cool>mild.

10k easy run; 2x 5k laps of RV.

Tried to run slow and easy, keeping HR under control.  Was doing great and thought it’d be a slower time. At around 8k I found a key fob and bunch of keys and stopping to pick it up my HR shot up and stayed high while I wondered what to do with them.  Found the chap looking for the keys at around 9k, and my HR went down again.

Avg HR 141bpm, peak HR 156bpm. Without the interference I’m certain the figures would be more like avg 139 and peak 149.

Felt great anyway and surprised by the time; 69 min 5 secs.  That’s 2 min 44 secs faster than Friday’s hot run, and I thought I’d be slower.

This time I carried a 500ml water drink (plain water) to keep hydrated and had a gel boost just before the start.  Think the water helped, but need to practice taking water on board while also gulping in/out air.

Exactly 4 weeks to BGYR.