Month: September 2009

training run #71

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Wednesday 30 September, 6.26am.

Mild, cloudy, dark!  Didn’t have much time so planned to do some speedwork – one fast-ish 5k lap.  Built up the pace gently for first k, then pressed on a bit to develop my speed.

Lap 1:  26:38  avg HR 151bpm

A PB!  Looks like my previous best 5k was 28:22 (on 24/08), so a big improvement.

training run #70

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Monday 28 September, 6.40am.

Mild, grey, overcast, slight breeze. Wore yellow sleeveless coat (but it wasn’t cold enough really), no Camelbak, ran clockwise.

Aimed for an easy 8k just to keep flexible after the long run on Saturday.

Lap 1:  25:31   avg HR 134bpm
Lap 2:  25:51   avg HR 140bpm
Total time:  51:22   avg HR 137bpm

Easy, but legs felt a bit heavy on the second lap, a hangover from the 12 mile run 2 days ago.

training run #69

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Saturday 26 September, 7.40am.

Mild, overcast but bright. No breeze. Ideal conditions – but could have done with a breeze.

Aimed for 18k – set off intending to do 2x 5k laps and 2x 4k laps.  Carried 700ml water in Camelbak and 10 jelly babies.  Actually felt good after 2 laps so pressed on for 4x 5k laps.  Saw at end of the 3rd lap that I was on schedule for 2 hours for 12 miles, so pressed on.  The last mile and a half I felt my stride lengthening and felt strong, so picked up the pace and ‘sprinted’ to the end.  Think because first 2 laps were steady and I’d hydrated and eaten I was OK in the last few miles.

Lap 1:  30:42  avg HR 147
Lap 2:  30:22  avg HR 148
Lap 3:  29:31  avg HR 157
Lap 4:  28:38  avg HR 166
Total time:  1hr 59:13  avg HR 154

Thighs and knees tired afterwards but feeling very confident for the half marathon in 3 weeks.  Still had some water left at the end so carried too much/didn’t drink enough.  Jelly babies were good.

training run #68

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Wednesday 23 September, 6.45am

Cool, bright weather.  Wore yellow sleeveless coat but no Camelbak drink.

Aimed for very easy 10k.

Lap 1:  31:08   avg HR 134bpm
Lap 2:  31:20   avg HR 139bpm
Total time:  62:28   avg HR 137bpm

The sort of pace I think I might need to do for the half marathon – steady and slow to start.

training run #67

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Monday 21 September, 6.45am.

Cold, wore yellow sleeveless coat. No Camelbak, just aiming for a comfortable 10k (2x 5k laps). Ran clockwise.

Lap 1:  30:01   avg HR 138bpm
Lap 2:  29:02  avg HR 144bpm
Total time:  59:03  avg HR 141bpm

Felt fine, seemed like a pace I could stick at for long distances.  Noticed the lack of a drink towards the end, and think HR reflects that too.

training run #66

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Saturday 19 September, 7.58am.

Cool, overcast, but bright. Perfect conditions.

Aimed for 15k at comfortable pace. Used the Camelbak with pipe round the waist – good.  And had a gel at start of 3rd lap.

Lap 1:  31:56  avg HR 146bpm
Lap 2:  31.58  avg HR 143bpm
Lap 3:  31:09  avg HR 145bpm
Total time:  1h 35:03   avg HR 145bpm

Felt strong, could have gone further.  A comfortable and consistent pace. Got into an economical, relaxed rhythm.

training run #65

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Wednesday 16 September, 6.42am.

A 12k run, aiming for steady pace.  Wore Camelbak and orange coat. Weather looked very cool but was surprisingly mild really, and struggled to a) get my coat off and tie it round my waist, and b) the drink tube kept falling off my shirt.  This led to raised HR mainly on first lap.

Lap 1:  24:54  avg HR 148
Lap 2:  24:36  avg HR 144
Lap 3:  24:23  avg HR 148
Total time:  73:53  avg HR 147

I don’t check the time on my watch at all on the way round, so very impressed at the even pace lap after lap!

31 days to Cardiff half marathon
206 days to Paris marathon