Month: November 2009

training run #96

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Monday 30 November, 6.54am.

Very cold, around freezing point, but not raining/snowing.  Wore grey fleece, yellow reflective, hat and gloves.  Went on a run past Sainsburys, thru Waterthorpe, towards Rother Valley and thru estate back home. 5.04km according to Nokia.

Time:  31:34
Avg HR:  148bpm
Distance:  5km

I only picked the route so I could check Sainsbury’s opening times (as we were out of bog rolls), but it was great.  The cold wasn’t bad either, soon got warmed up. A nice 3 miles, and I popped out soon after in the car for that essential purchase…

training run #95

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Saturday 28 November, 7.08am.

Rainy, changing from drizzle to light shower and back throughout. Cold, about 4 degree C.  Wore orange coat, hat and gloves.  Carried 500ml water in Camelbak; used maybe 250ml.

Aimed for 1x 30 minute 5k lap and 2x 25 minute 4k laps.

Distance:  13km
Lap 1 (5k):  29:41  avg HR 144bpm
Lap 2 (4k):  23:52  avg HR 143bpm
Lap 3 (4k):  23:43  avg HR  146bpm
Total time:  1:17:16  avg HR 144bpm

A nice long run, feet soggy.  Nokia Sports Tracker had me doing 14.5km, but looking at the mapped route I appear to go way off course and run on water at times, so I’ll rely on my own knowledge of the lap distances.



training run #94

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Friday 27 November, 6.56am.

Was unable to run Thursday due to a very late Wednesday night, overslept in the morning and in the evening was taking Emma to a gig in Manchester. So put it off for one day.

Very cold, light wind. Wore grey fleece, yellow sleeveless coat, hat and gloves.  Felt just fine.  Aimed to do 1x 5km lap of RV at steady pace, maybe at or just under 30 mins.

Distance:  4.9km
Total time:  29:12
Avg HR:  139bpm

Easy. Felt good.

training run #93

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Tuesday 24 November, 6.40am.

Cold, raining, windy and its 6.40am! Yikes! Wore orange coat and set off for 2 laps of the main lake at RV in the dark.

Lap 1:  25:01  avg HR 141bpm
Lap 2:  25:19  avg HR 141bpm
Total time:  50:20  avg HR 141bpm
Total distance:  8km

Ended up with very wet feet from the puddles, but the distance was no problem.  Slightly tight left calf (that went on and off) and on part of the first lap I felt my right hamstring, but that went away too.  Think it was the cold.  The coat was nearly useless – wet all over.  But a good run and felt fine.

training run #92

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Monday 23 November, 6.57am.

Gusty wind, clear skies, cold.  Wore orange coat, hat and gloves.  Didn’t need Nokia Sports Tracker, as just aiming for a steady 4.9km long lap of RV.

Time: 30:32
Distance: 4.9km
Avg HR:  135bpm

Comfortable, easy, even with gusts of wind on parts of the lap.

docs 20/11/09

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Got blood test results – looking at bilirubin levels.

Unconjugated bilirubin: 27 (normal levels are 5 to 28)
Conjugated bilirubin: 2.6 (normal levels are 1.7 to 8.6)

Doc happy its gone down to normal levels and the likelihood of my having Gilberts Syndrome has reduced.  Next review in 9 months / Aug 2010.

Good result.

Now just need the doc to sign the health certificate for the Paris marathon…

training run #91

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Saturday 21 November, 7.43am.

Cool n misty, no wind, but didn’t wear a coat. Turned out to be a good decision. Planned to do 3x 4k laps of the main lake at RV, steady pace.

Used camelbak, loaded 500ml water. Only used about 200ml.

Lap 1:  24:30  avg HR 151bpm
Lap 2:  24:27  avg HR 156bpm
Lap 3:  23:39  avg HR 144bpm
Total time:  1:12:36
Total distance:  12.2km (Nokia)
Avg pace:  5:59 min/km
Avg HR:  150bpm

Normal HR from the start, raised a bit on start of 2nd lap, but reduced to a very normal level on 3rd lap.  Put it down to poor strap contact again, as I felt good all way round.  Slightly tired end of 2nd lap but felt great all the 3rd lap and time improved.  Could easily have carried on. Was calculating my pace around 6 min/km in my head and pleased the equipment confirmed that.  Wasn’t difficult and wasn’t pressing hard.

Slight shower at half distance and the damp mist made for ideal running conditions.