Day: November 1, 2009

training run #79

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Saturday 31 October, about 9.30am.

Set out intending to do a gentle big lap of RV, 3 miles. First run after the half marathon nearly 2 weeks earlier.  No watch or HR as its with Garmin for repair.

As I went round I picked up pace and ended up stretching myself a bit. Was sprinting past other runners on the second mile and ended up out of breath and a bit tired in the thighs.  Think it was a fast time but should have stuck to plan and eased round.

No after-effects though, and both feet are fine.

Think the aches and pains in my feet after the half marathon could be partly down to the run being mainly on tarmac, whereas my training route is mainly on tracks/compacted gravel. Need to make sure my next trainers have more cushioning and do most of my training on tarmac.

160 days to Paris marathon…the training starts now!