Day: November 7, 2009

training run #83

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Saturday 7 November, 7.47am.

Cold (2 degrees C) but sunny and no breeze.  Wore orange coat. Aimed for a gentle 8km / 5 miles – 2 laps of RV main lake.

Total time:  49:29
Avg HR:  144bpm
Total distance (Nokia):  7.8km
Avg pace:  6:23 min/km (Nokia)

Pace per KM from Nokia:
1st km: 6:31
2nd km: 6:13
3rd km: 6:08
4th km: 6:24
5th km: 6:25
6th km: 6:28
7th km: 6:22
final 0.8km: 6:38

Felt easy, could have gone much further with no problem.  Didn’t get out of breath, and Garmin HRM showed almost all of the time was in zone 3.

Avg HR would have been lower but I think I was stressed by ‘outside factors’ the first couple of km and noticed my HR was unusually high. See Garmin Connect HR graph