training run #95

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Saturday 28 November, 7.08am.

Rainy, changing from drizzle to light shower and back throughout. Cold, about 4 degree C.  Wore orange coat, hat and gloves.  Carried 500ml water in Camelbak; used maybe 250ml.

Aimed for 1x 30 minute 5k lap and 2x 25 minute 4k laps.

Distance:  13km
Lap 1 (5k):  29:41  avg HR 144bpm
Lap 2 (4k):  23:52  avg HR 143bpm
Lap 3 (4k):  23:43  avg HR  146bpm
Total time:  1:17:16  avg HR 144bpm

A nice long run, feet soggy.  Nokia Sports Tracker had me doing 14.5km, but looking at the mapped route I appear to go way off course and run on water at times, so I’ll rely on my own knowledge of the lap distances.



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