Month: November 2009

training run #90

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Thursday 19 November, 7.05am.

Looked cold and windy. Wore orange coat and hat.  Was windy but mild, so could have done without one or both. Ran from home, a long lap of RV and back to home; 6.9km.  No problems, nice steady pace.  Tried to lengthen my stride a bit after the first km, instead of my usual shorter relaxed stride.  Felt OK and a nice change.

Distance:  6.9km
Total time:  43:45
Avg pace:  6:27 min/km
Avg HR:  157bpm

Dunno why the raised HR.  Noticed it started high (171bpm) and stayed there a few mins, then went up again even though I thought the pace was easy and wasn’t out of breath.  Running into the wind was like resistance training but didn’t think it was enough to raise HR like that.

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training run 89#

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Tuesday 17 November, 6.43am.

Cool morning, wore orange coat and reflective waistcoat.  Started run from home, round one long lap of RV, then back home. Was tired the previous evening so went for a steady pace.  Felt OK.

Total distance:  6.9km (Nokia)
Total time:  42:27
Avg pace:  6:16 mins/km
Avg HR:  140bpm

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training run #88

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Monday 16 November, 6.22pm.

A short evening run, aimed to do 4.8 miles on a road circuit but not sure of distances.  Cool, windy; 9 degrees Centigrade, bits of drizzle. Wore just shirt and reflective.

Ended up doing 6.5km ( probably slightly more – Nokia didn’t catch first few yards).
Time: 39:56
Avg pace: 6:15 min/km
Avg HR: 141bpm

Felt tired 2/3 of way round. Probably due to it being evening run after a tiring day at work.

A nice circuit, a few uphills and downhills but OK.

training run #87

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Saturday 14 November, 8.30am.

Windy, sunny. Wore yellow sleeveless coat and was fine.  Aimed for 2 long laps of RV at a steady pace, nothing too fast.

Lap 1:  29:06
Lap 2:  28:47
Total time:  57:53
Distance:  9.9km (Nokia)
Avg pace:  5:56 min/km
Avg HR:  149bpm

Pleasantly surprised with time/pace.  Thought it was just steady but this was a very respectable pace and I could have easily carried on. Felt strong throughout.  As the time shows, on the second lap I felt I was settling into a nice rhythm I could have maintained for ages.  Minor stitch right hand side about 3-4km, but it went away.

training run #86

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Thursday 12 November, 7.05am

Cool but not cold. Wore orange coat.  Aimed for a decent pace 3 mile / 4.8km lap of RV.

Time: 28:31
Avg HR: 151bpm
Distance: 4.8km
Avg pace: 6:08 min/km

HR was raised again for the first half of the run – could be the cool start? Certainly lowered to normal run levels for the second half of the run.

training run #85

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Tuesday 10 November, 6.49am.

Cold morning, wore orange coat and reflective. Slight drizzle but nice.

Aimed to do 4 mile/6.4km run. Did 7.7km, easy pace.  My HR was raised the first km (peaked at 173bpm!), but dunno why as it wasn’t especially fast or hilly.

Distance: 7.7km
Time:  50:48
Avg HR:  143bpm
Avg pace:  6:41 min/km

So, I ended up doing a slightly longer run, but the pace was easy/slow.

training run #84

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Sunday 8 November, 4.07pm.

Easy pace 5k lap of RV. Weather cool but nice.

Total time:  32:42
Avg HR:  147bpm