Month: November 2009

training run #83

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Saturday 7 November, 7.47am.

Cold (2 degrees C) but sunny and no breeze.  Wore orange coat. Aimed for a gentle 8km / 5 miles – 2 laps of RV main lake.

Total time:  49:29
Avg HR:  144bpm
Total distance (Nokia):  7.8km
Avg pace:  6:23 min/km (Nokia)

Pace per KM from Nokia:
1st km: 6:31
2nd km: 6:13
3rd km: 6:08
4th km: 6:24
5th km: 6:25
6th km: 6:28
7th km: 6:22
final 0.8km: 6:38

Felt easy, could have gone much further with no problem.  Didn’t get out of breath, and Garmin HRM showed almost all of the time was in zone 3.

Avg HR would have been lower but I think I was stressed by ‘outside factors’ the first couple of km and noticed my HR was unusually high. See Garmin Connect HR graph

training run #82

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Thursday 5 November, 12.44pm.

Cool, bits of drizzle. Wore hat gloves and yellow sleeveless coat.  12 degrees C.

A gentle, easy run, 1 lap of RV.  Planned to do a 30 minute lap / 10 mins/mile pace.

Total time:  29:47
Average HR:  134bpm; peak HR 141bpm
Distance:  4.9km / 3.0 miles
Avg pace:  6:12min/km


training run #81

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Tuesday 3 November, 7.25pm.

First evening run in the dark so tried to follow a 7.5km local road route I’d found on Nokia Sports Tracker.

Cool, 7 degrees C, but the rain was holding off, just a few spots.  Wore yellow sleeveless coat. New FR60 and Nokia on board.

The outward part of the route climbs steadily for ages – much more than I’m used to going round RV.  Round every corner I saw the road climbing upward!  Then a few steep-ish downhill sections to get used to.

Got stitch halfway round but kept going.

Felt OK and thought I’d done an OK but not fast pace.  The hills didn’t trouble me greatly as I didn’t try to blast up them.

Time:  48:17
Distance:  8.31km
Avg HR:  150bpm; peak HR 169bpm
Avg pace:  5:52min/km

Link to Nokia Sports Tracker:

Unable to download HR data to computer at this time 😦

training run #80

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Monday 2 November, 7.10am.

Cool, few drops of rain at first, quickly brightening to a nice sunrise.

Did a steady, easy pace long lap, 3 miles. Phone stopwatch recorded 28:03.

It felt like a nice 10 minute/mile pace, but was actually a bit faster.

Garmin FR60 arrived (replacement for FR50 that stopped pairing). Can’t wait to give it a test, and tempted by the added features that would be available with a footpod…

training run #79

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Saturday 31 October, about 9.30am.

Set out intending to do a gentle big lap of RV, 3 miles. First run after the half marathon nearly 2 weeks earlier.  No watch or HR as its with Garmin for repair.

As I went round I picked up pace and ended up stretching myself a bit. Was sprinting past other runners on the second mile and ended up out of breath and a bit tired in the thighs.  Think it was a fast time but should have stuck to plan and eased round.

No after-effects though, and both feet are fine.

Think the aches and pains in my feet after the half marathon could be partly down to the run being mainly on tarmac, whereas my training route is mainly on tracks/compacted gravel. Need to make sure my next trainers have more cushioning and do most of my training on tarmac.

160 days to Paris marathon…the training starts now!