Month: December 2009

training run #106

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Thursday 31 December, 10:04

Last run of the year.  A 4 mile road run to old Westfield and back via Meadowgate.  Aimed for a good pace, 10 mins per mile or so.  Cold, sunny, about 2C but didn’t bother with track bottoms or hat.

Distance (Nokia):  7.4km
Time:  44:00
Avg HR:  154bpm
Avg pace (Nokia):  5:59 min/km

A good run, felt strong and plenty left at the end. Pleased with pace.

(This run confirmed earlier measurements for this 4 mile loop – was confused after last weekend’s long run, but today Nokia showed it as 7.43km.)

training run #105

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Tuesday 29 December, 8:26am.

About 3C, wrapped up but ran in shorts.  Aimed to do a 3 mile loop (Sainsburys/Waterthorpe) followed by a 4 mile loop (to old Westfield), steady pace.

Lap 1 (approx 5km):  31:06  avg HR 149bpm
Lap 2 (approx 7.3km):  44:37  avg HR 149bpm
Total distance (Nokia):  12.3km
Total time: 1:15:43
Avg HR:  149bpm
Avg pace (Nokia):  6:12 min/km

A good run, felt strong throughout and plenty left at the end.

training run #104

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Monday 28 December, 7:28am

Cold – looked below freezing thru window, cars and gardens frozen, but digital thermometer said +5.4C(?).  Wrapped up for sub-zero, including track bottoms, and was right.  Aimed for a slow 7.4km road run to old Westfield and back via Meadowgate, and hoped to validate the distance I think I did on the long run.  Waited a minute for Nokia to find satellite but set off expecting it to find it as usual.  In the end it seemed to miss the first 1.9km!!

Nokia link:

Will get another chance to do the 7.4km route on Thursday…

Distance:  7.4km
Time:  50:59
Avg HR:  144bpm

Slow but OK HR.  A good run.

(Found out later my thermometer had been moved and buttons must have been pressed.  Looked like temp was actually -3C or -2C, as per the BBC forecast.)

training run #103

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Saturday 26 December, 5:41am.

Boxing Day.  Went for a very early start to enjoy empty roads and get back to take Emma to work / go shopping.  Planned on 3 laps of a road circuit that’s previously measured as 7.5km or 7.4km lots of times.  Cool, about 3.5C, paths frozen and snow covered.  Wrapped up but wore shorts instead of track bottoms, and took hat off after 2 miles.  Carried about 700ml water in Camelbak; used about 250ml and one gel.

Nokia seemed to measure each lap as only about 7km this time – very confusing.  Noticed after 2 laps that instead of showing 15km it was showing 14km done.  So added an extra loop at the end to add on another km or so.  Even then it only showed a total of 21.5km, when the same road lap has shown 7.4 or 7.5 half a dozen times before.

Lap 1 (7.3km?):  44:45  avg HR 150bpm
Lap 2 (7.3km?):  42:32  avg HR 149bpm
Lap 3 (7.3km?):  42:33  avg HR 160bpm
Lap 4 (1.1km?):  9:08  avg HR 164bpm
Total estimated distance:  22.5km
Total time:  2:18:58
Avg HR:  154bpm
Avg pace (Nokia):  6:30 min/km

Fairly confident I did the 22.5, based on previous measurements and the total time I took (10 mins/mile).  Felt OK, strong in the mid-run and legs naturally tired at the end.  Felt better in shorts, didn’t overheat and could have put hat back on if started to get cold.  Better running on the road than snow-covered paths and the early start enabled me to do that, with just a few slippery bits to watch out for.  A good run.

Link to Nokia:

Link to Garmin:

PS – possibly a new PB for top HR – 181bpm  🙂  I wasn’t pushing for a fast time but the lap includes a long uphill section and HR probably peaked as I crested that summit.

training run #102

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Thursday 24 December, 9:36am.

Christmas Eve.  Cold – about 3C – and lots of snow cover. Roads slushy so ran from home to RV, one long lap and back home.  Not bothered about speed, just getting around.  Followed tyre tracks round RV which helped, but still hard work on the legs running on snow and ice.

Distance (Nokia):  6.9km
Time:  46:26
Avg HR:  151bpm
Avg pace (Nokia):  6:46 min/km

Tired legs, body overheating because weather not as cold as earlier in the week and there’s no chill wind today.  I now know I could have run in shorts but wore track bottoms. Very thirsty at the finish.  A good run, but looking ahead I’m not sure how I’ll do the full weekend long run in these snowy conditions.

training run #101

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Tuesday 22 December, 8:20am.

Below -3C, snow on ground, chill breeze on Sothall side of RV.  Planned a steady/slow 6 miles – 2 long laps.

a chilly start at RV

Lap 1 (4.9km):  32:34  avg HR 140bpm
Lap 2 (4.9km):  30:41  avg HR 141bpm
Total distance (Nokia): 9.6km
Total time: 1:03:15
Avg HR: 140bpm

Felt fine, stronger on 2nd lap and very good on the last mile.

The water ski part of the lake was frozen over.  A couple of scenic pics:

frozen Rother Valley
snow covered running route

training run (#100)

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Monday 21 December, 6.26am.

Very cold, snow on ground and roads iced over. Wrapped up for a 4 mile road run. Not bothered about pace, just keeping safe and getting round.

Distance: 7.1km
Time: 46:53
Avg HR:  149bpm