Day: December 5, 2009

training run #99

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Saturday 5 December, 10:15am.

Sunny and cool, 6C. Wore sleeveless reflective coat. Carried 500ml water, used about 300ml.  Aimed to do 2x 8km laps around Waterthorpe and Westfield, following the route Nokia measured at 8.33km on 1/12/09.  Aimed for 10 mins a mile pace, but really just to make sure I got round.

Total distance Nokia measured 16.0km.
Lap 1 (8km):  46:23  avg HR 158bpm
Lap 2 (8km):  47:24  avg HR 165bpm
Total time:  1:33:48  avg HR  162bpm
Avg pace (Nokia):  5:53 min/km

Peak HR: 180bpm – think its a new pb!  Set on the last rise just before the slope to home.

HR was higher than RPE, felt like only 150bpm-ish.  At times the pace felt slow on the long steady uphill bits, and I didn’t descend too rapidly either.  Towards end of lap 1 I felt tired, but I had a gel and kept going and on the last 25% of the run (which is generally downhill or nearly level) felt strong.  Could have gone further easily.

Doubt Nokia’s accuracy as the pace measured was too fast for what it felt, and the distance is .66km less than I’d expected based on the 1/12/09 run.  But the time was about 2.5 to 3 mins a lap faster than my first run on this route, and I can trust Garmin to have measured that correctly.

So, my longest run since the half marathon went well, better than expected, and looking forward to stepping up the distance.  Bring on the challenge!