Month: January 2010

training run #123

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Saturday 30 January, 6:56am

Cold, about zero degrees.  Wore hat due to strong wind on parts of loop, high windchill. Have a head cold so ran slow, just aiming to finish.  Thought my energy levels would be low due to fighting the cold.

Loop 1 (5km):  35:08  avg HR 143bpm
Loop 2 (8km):  53:22  avg HR 144bpm
Loop 3 (8km):  52:43  avg HR 142bpm
Loop 4 (8km):  54:20  avg HR 146bpm
Total time:  3:15:33 (nearly 5 mins slower than last week)
Avg HR:  144bpm
Total distance:  29km (Nokia says 28.7km)
Avg pace (Nokia):  6:50 min/km

Felt tired all the last loop, felt very slow but no risk of stopping.  Nothing left at the finish.  Think I guaged the speed/energy levels  OK, but if I’d had another 50ml water I’d have drunk it.  Carried 500ml and probably drank 300ml of it on the last loop.  Also had 3 gels.

Found a small blister/bloody wound on ankle taking sock off. Didn’t notice at all during the run.  Not bad for running new shoes in on a 29km run.  Wore them Tues, Thurs and today and feeling fine.



training run #122

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Thursday 28 January, 6:46.

Cold but dry. Got a bit of a runny nose/sore throat so aimed for a very steady loop to college and old Westfield.  Concentrated on HR and wiping my nose!

Distance:  8.1km
Time:  53:25
Avg HR:  134bpm
Avg pace:  6:40 min/km

Best HR for a long time, and the overall time is not horrendous.  New trainers still fine, no rubbing, no leg problems so far.



training run #121

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Tuesday 26 January, 9:03pm

Overlaid in the morning so went for a run after parent’s evening at college and a KFC for tea.  Waited for food to settle and went for first run in new trainers.  Aimed for a steady pace to break them in.  A 4.9km loop of Sainsburys and Waterthorpe, followed by a 8km loop to college, old Westfield and Meadowgate.

Total time:  1:22:01
Total distance:  12.9km
Avg HR:  142bpm

Garmin link:

Legs feel fine but will see what the reaction to the new trainers is tomorrow.  On the run they felt cushioned and was able to go downhill easier than usual and get into a swift rhythm on the level and slight downhill sections.  Going uphill was fine too, but felt the most help on the other bits.  Don’t seem to gave any blisters or rubbing.

[They’re Asics Gel Cumulus 11 trainers]

training run #120

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Monday 25 January, 6:27am.

Cool, 4C maybe.  Did a steady 5 mile loop to college, old Westfield and back via Meadowgate.  Tried to keep reasonable HR.

Time:  51:05
Distance: 8km
Avg HR:  139bpm

training run #119

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Saturday 23 January, 4:56am

Cool, 5C.  Planned a steady/slow pace, 1x 3 mile loop of Sainsburys/Waterthorpe, and 3x 5mile loops to college, old Westfield and back via Meadowgate. Carried 500ml water in Camelbak; used 350ml and 3 gels.  Felt OK, began to tire on the last loop and slowed the pace a bit to make sure I could get round and not risk injury, but finished fine.  No sign of hitting the wall yet!

Loop 1 (5km):  32:19  avg HR: 140bpm
Loop 2 (8km):  51:20  avg HR: 141bpm
Loop 3 (8km):  53:02  avg HR: 143bpm
Loop 4 (8km):  54:07  avg HR: 143bpm
Total distance 29km
Total time:  3:10:48
Avg HR:  142bpm

I used Nokia but started running while it was still finding the satellite.  Usually connects before I turn the first corner. This time it seems to only have measured the first 3km and the last 7km!!!  Link:


Really pleased and surprised at the better HR – shows I was taking it steady.

training run #118

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Thursday 21 January, 6:42am.

Cool but dry.  Aimed to do an easy 5 mile loop as usual but on the first few streets legs felt good and ‘bouncy’ and got into a slow rhythm with a good running stride, instead of the usual economical jogging run I do.  Kept it going and managed a good time.  It felt like a good paced run rather than a slow jog.

Distance:  8km
Time:  49:01
Avg HR:  145bpm

Great! Felt fine, bit more tired than would have on a slow jog, but good.

training run #117

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Tuesday 19 January, 5:31am.

Yes, 5:31!  Needed to run early so I could get to Leeds for a meeting.  Cool, 6C, but no wind or rain.  Ideal conditions.  Did a 4.9km loop to Sainsburys and Waterthorpe, followed by a 8km loop to college, old Westfield and back via Meadowgate.  Aimed for a steady HR-controlled run.

Loop 1 (4.9km):  33:19  avg HR: 140bpm
Loop 2 (8km):  53:19  avg HR: 137bpm
Total distance:  12.9km
Total time:  1:26:38
Avg HR:  138bpm
Avg pace (Nokia):  6:46 min/km

Good HR for me.  Got into a good rhythm for large parts of the run.  And I got to Leeds in time…


training run #116

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Monday 18 January, 6:26am.

A bit less cold, 5C, no snow, ice, or rain.  Wrapped up but no hat.  Planned a steady 5 mile / 8km loop to college, old Westfield and back via Meadowgate.  Felt fine.

Distance:  8km
Time:  51:31
Avg HR:  144bpm

training run #115

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Saturday 16 January, 6:23am.

Cold (3C), wet and windy. Wrapped up but wore shorts.  Took hat off after first km.  Felt the wind chill at times.  Carried 700ml water and gels in Camelbak; drank about 300ml and used 3 gels.  Felt strong, was pleased with time for first loop and tried to keep the pace up.  Was more interested in getting round and out of the rain asap than a record time.  On the last loop thought I could finish around 2h40 so pressed on.

Loop 1 (4.9km):  31:26  avg HR 148bpm
Loop 2 (7.1km):  41:52  avg HR 147bpm
Loop 3 (7.1km):  42:09  avg HR 150bpm
Loop 4 (7.2km):  43:19  avg HR 159bpm
Total time:  2:38:45
Total distance:  26.3km
Avg HR:  151bpm

Last week the same route was 2h59, the week before was 2h47, so with almost no snow/ice was very pleased. Legs felt very good, tired at the end but not overly fatigued.  Felt like I has a good running gait, compared to the slow pace jogging of the recent wintry weeks.  Sodden through with the rain that lasted the whole run, but don’t think I could have done it in wellies!

Didn’t use Nokia due to rain, but here’s a link to Garmin:

training run #114

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Thursday 14 January, 6:47am.

Cool, 1.5C, so wrapped up including track bottoms.  Misty but roads clear of ice; snow on footpaths.  Ran to college, old Westfield and back via Meadowgate.  Previously measured this loop several times as 8km, this time Nokia recorded 7.8km?

Distance:  8km (?)
Time:  50:44
Avg HR:  148bpm

I was trying to get round in a good time as I was ‘running late’ for work. Felt OK and happy with the time and got quite a fast rhythm/pace going on the long straight home run.