Day: January 5, 2010

snow trouble

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My tram got stuck on the way to work:

The car was stuck on a high concrete kerb and could not be moved.  Walked it home…

training run #109

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Tuesday 5 January, 5:34am.

Cold – around freezing.  Wrapped up including track bottoms.  Took hat off after a couple of miles.  Did a loop down West Street, Sainsburys, Waterthorpe, Meadowgate, then a loop to old Westfield and back.  Started snowing at 50 mins / 5 miles.  Difficult seeing some of the time but enjoyable.

Loop 1 (est 3.2 miles):  35:11  avg HR 146
Loop 2 (est 4.6 miles):  47:45  avg HR 143bpm
Total distance (Nokia):  12.5km
Avg HR:  144bpm
Total time:  1:22:56
Avg pace (Nokia):  6:41 min/km

Ought to have taken a drink along.  Crunchy snow on paths – OK – and roads were clear enough until snow started falling.