Day: January 16, 2010

training run #115

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Saturday 16 January, 6:23am.

Cold (3C), wet and windy. Wrapped up but wore shorts.  Took hat off after first km.  Felt the wind chill at times.  Carried 700ml water and gels in Camelbak; drank about 300ml and used 3 gels.  Felt strong, was pleased with time for first loop and tried to keep the pace up.  Was more interested in getting round and out of the rain asap than a record time.  On the last loop thought I could finish around 2h40 so pressed on.

Loop 1 (4.9km):  31:26  avg HR 148bpm
Loop 2 (7.1km):  41:52  avg HR 147bpm
Loop 3 (7.1km):  42:09  avg HR 150bpm
Loop 4 (7.2km):  43:19  avg HR 159bpm
Total time:  2:38:45
Total distance:  26.3km
Avg HR:  151bpm

Last week the same route was 2h59, the week before was 2h47, so with almost no snow/ice was very pleased. Legs felt very good, tired at the end but not overly fatigued.  Felt like I has a good running gait, compared to the slow pace jogging of the recent wintry weeks.  Sodden through with the rain that lasted the whole run, but don’t think I could have done it in wellies!

Didn’t use Nokia due to rain, but here’s a link to Garmin: