training run #119

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Saturday 23 January, 4:56am

Cool, 5C.  Planned a steady/slow pace, 1x 3 mile loop of Sainsburys/Waterthorpe, and 3x 5mile loops to college, old Westfield and back via Meadowgate. Carried 500ml water in Camelbak; used 350ml and 3 gels.  Felt OK, began to tire on the last loop and slowed the pace a bit to make sure I could get round and not risk injury, but finished fine.  No sign of hitting the wall yet!

Loop 1 (5km):  32:19  avg HR: 140bpm
Loop 2 (8km):  51:20  avg HR: 141bpm
Loop 3 (8km):  53:02  avg HR: 143bpm
Loop 4 (8km):  54:07  avg HR: 143bpm
Total distance 29km
Total time:  3:10:48
Avg HR:  142bpm

I used Nokia but started running while it was still finding the satellite.  Usually connects before I turn the first corner. This time it seems to only have measured the first 3km and the last 7km!!!  Link:


Really pleased and surprised at the better HR – shows I was taking it steady.

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