training run #121

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Tuesday 26 January, 9:03pm

Overlaid in the morning so went for a run after parent’s evening at college and a KFC for tea.  Waited for food to settle and went for first run in new trainers.  Aimed for a steady pace to break them in.  A 4.9km loop of Sainsburys and Waterthorpe, followed by a 8km loop to college, old Westfield and Meadowgate.

Total time:  1:22:01
Total distance:  12.9km
Avg HR:  142bpm

Garmin link:

Legs feel fine but will see what the reaction to the new trainers is tomorrow.  On the run they felt cushioned and was able to go downhill easier than usual and get into a swift rhythm on the level and slight downhill sections.  Going uphill was fine too, but felt the most help on the other bits.  Don’t seem to gave any blisters or rubbing.

[They’re Asics Gel Cumulus 11 trainers]

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