Day: January 30, 2010

training run #123

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Saturday 30 January, 6:56am

Cold, about zero degrees.  Wore hat due to strong wind on parts of loop, high windchill. Have a head cold so ran slow, just aiming to finish.  Thought my energy levels would be low due to fighting the cold.

Loop 1 (5km):  35:08  avg HR 143bpm
Loop 2 (8km):  53:22  avg HR 144bpm
Loop 3 (8km):  52:43  avg HR 142bpm
Loop 4 (8km):  54:20  avg HR 146bpm
Total time:  3:15:33 (nearly 5 mins slower than last week)
Avg HR:  144bpm
Total distance:  29km (Nokia says 28.7km)
Avg pace (Nokia):  6:50 min/km

Felt tired all the last loop, felt very slow but no risk of stopping.  Nothing left at the finish.  Think I guaged the speed/energy levels  OK, but if I’d had another 50ml water I’d have drunk it.  Carried 500ml and probably drank 300ml of it on the last loop.  Also had 3 gels.

Found a small blister/bloody wound on ankle taking sock off. Didn’t notice at all during the run.  Not bad for running new shoes in on a 29km run.  Wore them Tues, Thurs and today and feeling fine.