Month: January 2010

snow trouble

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My tram got stuck on the way to work:

The car was stuck on a high concrete kerb and could not be moved.  Walked it home…

training run #109

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Tuesday 5 January, 5:34am.

Cold – around freezing.  Wrapped up including track bottoms.  Took hat off after a couple of miles.  Did a loop down West Street, Sainsburys, Waterthorpe, Meadowgate, then a loop to old Westfield and back.  Started snowing at 50 mins / 5 miles.  Difficult seeing some of the time but enjoyable.

Loop 1 (est 3.2 miles):  35:11  avg HR 146
Loop 2 (est 4.6 miles):  47:45  avg HR 143bpm
Total distance (Nokia):  12.5km
Avg HR:  144bpm
Total time:  1:22:56
Avg pace (Nokia):  6:41 min/km

Ought to have taken a drink along.  Crunchy snow on paths – OK – and roads were clear enough until snow started falling.

training run #108

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Monday 4 January, 6:03am.

Cold, -4C. Needed tracksuit bottoms and wrapped up.  Did 5 mile loop to Peaks College, old Westfield and back via Meadowgate.  Paths snowy but not compressed/icy so OK.

Total distance (Nokia):  8km
Total time:  53:10
Avg HR:  145bpm
Avg pace (Nokia):  6:45 min/km

A bit slow due to conditions underfoot, but a good run.  Took it steady and didn’t slip at all; very lucky!

training run #107

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Saturday 2 January, 7:16am.

First run of 2010.  Cold, about 1C, but dry.  A thin layer of snow but main roads clear and paths OK to run on where necessary; side roads very slippery.  Wrapped up but ran in shorts and took hat off on second loop.  Aiming for 16 miles at 10 mins pace (or just finish!).  Did 1x 5km loop of Sainsburys and Waterthorpe, followed by 3x 7km loops to old Westfield and back via Meadowgate.  Felt tired on the last loop and slowed quite a bit.  Carried 500ml water in Camelbak and used 350ml, no gel.

Lap 1 (est 4.9km):  32:45  avg HR 150bpm
Lap 2 (est 7.1km:  43:27  avg HR 141bpm
Lap 3 (est 7.1km):  44:03  avg HR 144bpm
Lap 4 (est 7.1km):  47:22  avg HR 146bpm
Total distance (Nokia):  26.2km
Total time:  2:47:38
Avg HR:  145bpm
Avg pace (Nokia):  6:25 min/km

Pleased with overall pace, in spite of slow last loop.  Tired but OK.