Month: February 2010

training run #139

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Saturday 27 February, 05:38am.

Cold, about freezing point. Went for the 16.4mile Clowne loop. Felt OK, still slow on the steep uphills but got a rhythm going throughout the run and wasn’t shattered afterwards, just tired.  Found out at the end that Nokia Sports Tracker crashed at 2.93km, so have to trust the distance from last Saturday.

Distance:  26.4km
Time:  2:50:30
Avg HR:  141bpm

Time was 5 mins slower than last week (didn’t feel slower) but HR was better (141 / 148).  Peak HR lower too (165 / 173).


Nokia (crashed):

training run #138

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Thursday 25 February, 05:30am.

Not as cold as of late, maybe 6C, despite the early start.  Went for an easy 4 mile loop. Felt fine.

Distance:  7.1km
Time:  42:54
Avg HR:  141bpm

training run #137

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Tuesday 23 February, 18:58.

Heavy snow falling, cold, dark, didn’t fancy getting soaked but planned on a 4.5 mile loop instead of the full 7 miles on the schedule.  Felt fine but stuck to the 4.5 mile as I was wet and starting to feel the windchill.

Distance:  7.4km
Time:  48:42
Avg HR:  142bpm

A fire engine passed me on the long strait so I followed it to Meadowgate to see them putting a burning car out in the muddy car park.

training run #136

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Monday 22 February, 6:23am.

A cold, foggy start, icy footpaths so mainly stuck to the roads. Did a 7km loop at easy pace, safety rather than speed today.  Wore hat and track bottoms, below freezing, maybe -2C.

Distance (Nokia): 7km
Time:  45:30
Avg HR:  136bpm



training run #135

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Saturday 20 February, 08:59.

Tried out the 25km Clowne loop Jeff measured on mapmyrun.  Sunny but temp around freezing, a few icy puddles on paths.  Route climbs quite a bit, lots of ups and downs, a few steep bits too.  Really enjoyed it. Wasn’t aiming for a time (except sub-3 hour), just got into nice rhythm from the off.  Felt very different heading so far out from home, compared to the shorter loops I usually do – good preparation for the marathon itself.

Distance (Nokia): 26.4km
Time: 2:45:16
Avg HR: 148bpm
Avg pace (Nokia): 6:17 min/km

Was surprised at pace considering how slow I did some hills!  One hill between Eckington and Halfway shows the big HR spike at 2h25. That hill even beat my car once, broke down halfway up it!

Felt good all round the loop, feels good to have done it. Ideal weather conditions too.



training run #134

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Thursday 18 February, 20:46

A late evening run, was snowing all the way round.  Did a 4 mile loop towards Killamarsh, past tram terminus, old Westfield and back along Hartland Avenue.

Distance: 7.3km (7.1km plus from home to bus stop and back from a false start)
Time:  47:31
Avg HR:  134bpm

Ran really slow/steady, really enjoyed it despite the snow.  It was fine underfoot, just getting snow in the face. Probably a record low HR.

training run #133

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Tuesday 16 February, 18:46.

About 1C, wet paths/roads but not raining. Did a 7.3km loop to college, old Westfield and back along Hartland Road.  Felt strong, especially outward loop, and got a great rhythm on the uphill bit after college and other bits.

Distance (Nokia):  7.3km
Time: 45:01
Avg HR:  142bpm
Avg pace (Nokia):  6:16 min/km

A good run.

Garmin: (shows one spike)

Nokia: (shows I missed out the Meadowgate roundabout from usual 5 mile loop)

training run #132

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Monday 15 February, 18:50.

About 3C, raining/showery, aimed for an easy 4 mile loop towards Killamarsh, up past tram terminus to old Westfield, back via Hartland Road.

Distance:  7.1km estimated
Time:  43:50
Avg HR:  141bpm

Felt strong and easy throughout.


training run #131

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Saturday 13 February, 10:59am.

About 4C, wore shorts no hat.  Carried and used 300ml water, and a gel.  Aimed for a steady run but HR seemed high throughout and pace was faster than I thought.

Loop 1 (6.5km):  40:21  avg HR: 155bpm
Loop 2 (6.4km):  37:06  avg HR: 152bpm
Total time:  1:17:27
Distance:  12.9km
Avg HR:  154bpm
Avg pace:  6:02 min/km



training run #130

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Thursday 11 February, 6:28am.

Freezing cold, thermometer said 0C, felt like -3C.  Track bottoms and hat.  Aimed for a steady run, felt like a good rhythm most of the way round and surprised it was a very good 50 minute time.

Distance:  8km
Total time:  50:10
Avg HR:  140bpm

A good run.  Nice to see the dawn coming on the homeward part of an early morning run.