Month: March 2010

training swim #3

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Monday 29 March, 20:30.

At Westfield because of some championships on at Ponds Forge this week.  Did 50+ lengths (25m) in about 53 minutes, measured no more than 1 minute per length.  Felt OK but arms tired and gulped a fair bit of the water. A good workout.

training run #152

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Saturday 27 March, 7:47am.

After a swimming week to rest my knees, esp the right knee, aimed to do the full 18 miles today as per schedule.  Bright n sunny, 8C to start, planned to do Swallownest, Dinnington, Todwick loop.  It felt warm in parts, cooler when the sun went in and the breeze blew.

I felt the knee from the 2nd km on and off but tried to keep relaxing the muscles around it and think that helped.  By 27km right calf was heavy and was close to stopping once or twice.  But pressed on, pace slowed significantly but I wasn’t in pain.  Managed to finish full 29km and feel good about it.

Distance: 29.1km
Time:  3:03:47
Avg HR:  152bpm
Avg pace:  6:18 min/km

Learned to relax leg muscles and manage pace, ignore the discomfort a bit and pay attention to running gait.  Need to stop muscles getting too tight and going into spasm.

More swimming this next week to manage my condition until the marathon.


training swim #2

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Wednesday 24 March, 18:50.

Emma was watching and supposed to be my personal trainer counting widths and advising on technique.  Most of the time she was laughing at me breathing in water and lost track of the number of reps.

Aimed for 50 widths in about 55 mins.  Did 56 mins and must be 50-52 widths = 1250-1300m.

Felt OK, arms tired half way through, following the previous swim only Monday.  But felt comfortable and could have gone of for ages.  Knees felt fine, loose and flexing OK.  In fact they’d felt OK through the day as well but felt it too soon to go running again.  Will see how they are over the next couple of days before deciding on my Saturday run.

training swim #1

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Monday 22 March, 18:05.

Ponds Forge lane swimming.  First time in the water for maybe a decade. Swimming 25m widths, set off and lost count. Timed a width at around 1 minute.

Aimed to do 50 minutes, same as 5 miles at 10 mins a mile.

Probably did 46/48 widths =  1150-1200m.  Was surprised as before after a couple of lengths I’d be knackered.

Getting out I rediscovered gravity and my body felt like it was made of lead.

A good workout.  Knee was fine in the water.

training run #151

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Saturday 20 March, 6:56am.

Mild, about 8C.  Light spots of rain on and off.  T-shirt weather.  Went round new 29km route, home – Beighton – Swallownest – Aston – across J31 – left at Todwick crossroads for a loop past SY Caravans, along Laughton Common, back across crossroads, through Todwick, Kiveton, Wales, into RV, turn right round smaller lake, along to Direct Cars and back along Hartland Ave.

Knee was mainly OK, always felt it but nothing too bad until 27km; had to stop, walk, pause HRM.  That was at the exit to RV.  Walked up to Meadowgate and tried to do the last 2km along the straight road to Direct Cars and back home but stopped again at 28.6km, beginning of Hartland Ave.  Knee too sore to carry on so stopped HRM and walked slowly home.

Distance:  28.6km
Time:  3:07:22
Avg HR:  142bpm
Avg pace:  6:32 min/km

Liked the route, not too many really steep parts, even though it does climb quite high; plenty of flat/undulating parts.

Ibuprofen tabs taken and freeze spray applied to knee.  Thinking about cutting out some runs or tapering from now to save it for the marathon.  Think it is accumulated wear/stress rather than a specific injury.


training run #150

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Thursday 18 March, 18:28.

Very mild, slight rain.  First run of 2010 without a coat!  About 13C, gusty wind.  Aimed to do a 4 mile loop (instead of the 5 on the schedule) and see how the knees go.  Felt OK, and knees got better as the run went on.   Had taken ibuprofen and glucosamine with coffee just before starting.  At 5km I could forget my knees had been at all bad.  Looped round the industrial estate and Meadogate roundabout to add the extra mile on.

Distance:  8.45km
Time:  54:07
Avg HR:  142bpm
Avg pace:  6:24 min/km

Knees still feel good a couple of hours after the run.  Hope they stay that way.


Nice to be remembering this run for the breeze on my running shirt instead of painful knees.

training run #149

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Tuesday 16 March, 6:04am.

Cool but dry. Aimed to do 2x 4 mile loops. Knees not good and cut short the second loop to avoid causing more injury.

Distance:  8.6km
Time:  57:40
Avg HR:  130bpm
Avg pace:  6:41 min/km

A shame my knees played up, slow pace cos I didn’t want to push it too hard.


training run #148

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Monday 15 March, 18:14.

Relatively mild 6C with a breeze in parts. Went for 5 mile run at RV to benefit from level track.  Right knee felt OK at the start, left knee OK but not as OK as right knee that’s had the TLC.  Did steady pace, one loop of main lake, one loop of both lakes, total 8.6km.  After a couple of km right knee felt something but not as bad as Saturday so kept going.

Distance:  8.6km
Time:  54:59
Avg HR:  135bpm
Avg pace:  6:24 min/km

Pleased with pace, pleased knee didn’t hurt more than it did, pleased with HR.  Had ibuprofen tabs and glucosamine afterwards and feel OK.  Hope it stays OK for a Tuesday run.


training run #147

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Saturday 13 March, 7:03am.

Temp about freezing point, sunny, dry.  Did a steady 16 mile Clowne loop. Had mini-breakfast and carried Camelbak to make sure hydrated and energised. Took extra care to rest and carbo load on Friday after Tuesday’s bad run, and took it carefully. But no problems with energy this time.  The temp rose during the run, finishing at maybe 7C.  Got minor (right) knee discomfort at 20k so didn’t press hard on the last part.

Distance:  25.33km
Time:  2:43:35
Avg HR:  144bpm
Avg Pace:  6:27 min/km

Brilliant weather, nice run.  Felt fine, not mega-strong and not fatigued, somewhere inbetween.  Knee fine at home, glad I didn’t press and cause injury.

Only 52 seconds slower than last week, with 3bpm better HR and lower max HR.  Think I would have matched it if not for the knee discomfort. Walked up the very steepest part of the worst hill as well – probably quicker than shuffling up it at a jog.

Garmin HRM with foot pod shows the 16 mile loop as 25.33km compared to Nokia Sports Tracker that has previously measured it as 26.4km.  I know which I believe and trust…


training run #146

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Thursday 11 March, 18:47.

After the awful run Tuesday felt nervous. I feasted on energy bars all afternoon and tried to avoid exertion. Felt OK at the start but aimed for a 4 mile loop instead of 5 miles.  Legs quite strong but not 100%, maybe 90%.  Did a good pace and had a strong finish.

Distance:  7.2km
Time:  47:12
Avg HR:  133bpm
Avg pace:  6:31 min/km

Felt OK but glad I didn’t push it so I’ll be OK for Saturday.  Will rest and eat properly so should be OK for the 16 miles…