Day: March 15, 2010

training run #148

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Monday 15 March, 18:14.

Relatively mild 6C with a breeze in parts. Went for 5 mile run at RV to benefit from level track.  Right knee felt OK at the start, left knee OK but not as OK as right knee that’s had the TLC.  Did steady pace, one loop of main lake, one loop of both lakes, total 8.6km.  After a couple of km right knee felt something but not as bad as Saturday so kept going.

Distance:  8.6km
Time:  54:59
Avg HR:  135bpm
Avg pace:  6:24 min/km

Pleased with pace, pleased knee didn’t hurt more than it did, pleased with HR.  Had ibuprofen tabs and glucosamine afterwards and feel OK.  Hope it stays OK for a Tuesday run.