training run #150

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Thursday 18 March, 18:28.

Very mild, slight rain.  First run of 2010 without a coat!  About 13C, gusty wind.  Aimed to do a 4 mile loop (instead of the 5 on the schedule) and see how the knees go.  Felt OK, and knees got better as the run went on.   Had taken ibuprofen and glucosamine with coffee just before starting.  At 5km I could forget my knees had been at all bad.  Looped round the industrial estate and Meadogate roundabout to add the extra mile on.

Distance:  8.45km
Time:  54:07
Avg HR:  142bpm
Avg pace:  6:24 min/km

Knees still feel good a couple of hours after the run.  Hope they stay that way.


Nice to be remembering this run for the breeze on my running shirt instead of painful knees.

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