training run #151

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Saturday 20 March, 6:56am.

Mild, about 8C.  Light spots of rain on and off.  T-shirt weather.  Went round new 29km route, home – Beighton – Swallownest – Aston – across J31 – left at Todwick crossroads for a loop past SY Caravans, along Laughton Common, back across crossroads, through Todwick, Kiveton, Wales, into RV, turn right round smaller lake, along to Direct Cars and back along Hartland Ave.

Knee was mainly OK, always felt it but nothing too bad until 27km; had to stop, walk, pause HRM.  That was at the exit to RV.  Walked up to Meadowgate and tried to do the last 2km along the straight road to Direct Cars and back home but stopped again at 28.6km, beginning of Hartland Ave.  Knee too sore to carry on so stopped HRM and walked slowly home.

Distance:  28.6km
Time:  3:07:22
Avg HR:  142bpm
Avg pace:  6:32 min/km

Liked the route, not too many really steep parts, even though it does climb quite high; plenty of flat/undulating parts.

Ibuprofen tabs taken and freeze spray applied to knee.  Thinking about cutting out some runs or tapering from now to save it for the marathon.  Think it is accumulated wear/stress rather than a specific injury.


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