Month: March 2010

training run #148

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Monday 15 March, 18:14.

Relatively mild 6C with a breeze in parts. Went for 5 mile run at RV to benefit from level track.  Right knee felt OK at the start, left knee OK but not as OK as right knee that’s had the TLC.  Did steady pace, one loop of main lake, one loop of both lakes, total 8.6km.  After a couple of km right knee felt something but not as bad as Saturday so kept going.

Distance:  8.6km
Time:  54:59
Avg HR:  135bpm
Avg pace:  6:24 min/km

Pleased with pace, pleased knee didn’t hurt more than it did, pleased with HR.  Had ibuprofen tabs and glucosamine afterwards and feel OK.  Hope it stays OK for a Tuesday run.


training run #147

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Saturday 13 March, 7:03am.

Temp about freezing point, sunny, dry.  Did a steady 16 mile Clowne loop. Had mini-breakfast and carried Camelbak to make sure hydrated and energised. Took extra care to rest and carbo load on Friday after Tuesday’s bad run, and took it carefully. But no problems with energy this time.  The temp rose during the run, finishing at maybe 7C.  Got minor (right) knee discomfort at 20k so didn’t press hard on the last part.

Distance:  25.33km
Time:  2:43:35
Avg HR:  144bpm
Avg Pace:  6:27 min/km

Brilliant weather, nice run.  Felt fine, not mega-strong and not fatigued, somewhere inbetween.  Knee fine at home, glad I didn’t press and cause injury.

Only 52 seconds slower than last week, with 3bpm better HR and lower max HR.  Think I would have matched it if not for the knee discomfort. Walked up the very steepest part of the worst hill as well – probably quicker than shuffling up it at a jog.

Garmin HRM with foot pod shows the 16 mile loop as 25.33km compared to Nokia Sports Tracker that has previously measured it as 26.4km.  I know which I believe and trust…


training run #146

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Thursday 11 March, 18:47.

After the awful run Tuesday felt nervous. I feasted on energy bars all afternoon and tried to avoid exertion. Felt OK at the start but aimed for a 4 mile loop instead of 5 miles.  Legs quite strong but not 100%, maybe 90%.  Did a good pace and had a strong finish.

Distance:  7.2km
Time:  47:12
Avg HR:  133bpm
Avg pace:  6:31 min/km

Felt OK but glad I didn’t push it so I’ll be OK for Saturday.  Will rest and eat properly so should be OK for the 16 miles…


training run #145

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Tuesday 9 March, 18:59.

Aimed for an 8 mile run at Blackpool.  Felt tired very quickly and by 2-3 miles had hit the wall, legs empty, no strength, felt hot and ‘odd’.  Managed to finish but very slow pace.

Distance:  12.9km
Time:  1:34:16
Avg HR:  123bpm

Very low HR but the most awful run I can recall!  And it was flat.  Must have been work pressures, lack of food, etc.

training run #144

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Monday 8 March, 6:38am.

Thermometer said -3C but felt like -6C.  Hat and track bottoms.  Nice morning otherwise, aimed to do a steady 5 mile loop.  Legs felt a little heavy in parts, thought it was carried over from the long Saturday run.  When I stopped I expected a 51 or 52 minute time. But it was a PB, beat previous best time by a minute.

Distance:  8km
Time:  47:36
Avg HR:  141bpm

To do a PB time with a decent HR – great, and a big surprise.  I was just enjoying the sunshine and not tracking HR or pace.


training run #143

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Saturday 6 March, 10:05am.

Did the 26.4km loop to Clowne.  Milder, maybe 6C, light rain showers so left Nokia at home.  Brightened up on the way home.  At the start felt like 16 miles  might be a struggle but managed fine, didn’t rush just a steady pace and set a new PB for this route by a couple of minutes.  Carried 500ml Gatorade and had 3 gels.  Knees knew they’d done those hills but otherwise fine.

Distance:  26.4km
Time:  2:42:43
Avg HR:  147bpm


training run #142

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Thursday 4 March, 21:07

Below freezing, end of a long day, but went for a 5 mile loop.  Legs fine if a little heavy from time to time.  Got into a good rhythm and ended up with a decent time and good HR.

Distance:  8km
Time:  51:00
Avg HR:  135bpm