Month: April 2010

Paris Marathon 11 April 2010

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What a fantastic day.  Cool on the starting line on the Champs Elysees, but lovely sun and blue skies.

Photo of me in the Start area of Paris Marathon, 2010
Ready for the off...

Felt OK but nervous if/when right knee would play up.  Felt it starting to ache at 5km and ran most of the first half with it manageable and not affecting pace.  By the time we were going through the underpasses my pace dropped considerably and knee got more difficult.  Just before 30k my knee got very bad and had to stop.  Tried to walk it off and jog a bit, but ended up power walking most of the rest of the way to the end.  Ran the last road to the Finish.

Remember lots of people shouting for Jeff and me, “Allez les Jumeaux”.  We got spectators and those on the refreshment tables shouting it too, and it was fun.  Saw Mario and his bike and a bloke with fake plastic bum.  We got treated to two servings of wine, meat, bananas, raisins, madeira cake etc on the way round.  Fantastic organisation and everyone was so helpful.

Distance:  42.195km
Time:  5:20:07
Avg HR:  143bpm
Avg pace:  7:34 min/km

Photo of Jeff and me at the Finish of the Paris Marathon, 2010
Jeff and me with finishers medals

I expect we would have finished in around 4:40 if my knee had not played up and we’d got no other injuries, because the halfway split was 2:18.  Now to rest the knee and get it right for another challenge…


training run #155

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Tuesday 6 April, 7:08am.

Cool and dry, about 6C. Went for a run through Holbrook Ind Est aiming for an easy 2 miles to loosen up.

Distance:  4km
Time:  24:39
Avg HR:  136bpm
Avg pace:  6:11 min/km

Started to feel right knee around 1.5km, stayed on to the end. Felt fine afterwards but then it niggled and felt sore all through the day at work.

The last planned run until the marathon…

training run #154

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Saturday 3 April, 9:01am.

About 6C, chilly but bright and dry.  Did a 3 mile loop same as #153.  But Garmin shows it at slightly shorter.  Felt knee slightly after 2km but not a problem and disappeared after the run.

Distance:  5.4km
Time:  32:25
Avg HR:  140bpm
Avg pace:  6:03 min/km


training run #153

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Thursday 1 April, 11:39am.

Sunny, breezy about 9C.  Went for an easy paced run around a 3 mile loop towards Killamarsh, right and up past the tram terminus, behind Direct Cars and home via Meadowgate.  Knees felt OK, slight feeling but nothing significant, no pain/soreness down outside of right knee.

Distance:  5.4km
Time:  32:59
Avg HR:  137bpm
Avg pace:  6:03 min/km

Surprised at the relatively fast pace as I was trying to just jog along and flex my legs/knees a bit.

It looks like the dashboard has been updated/improved at Garmin Connect: