Day: May 14, 2010

training run #158

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Thursday 13 May, 17:39.

Went for a warm up run and stretch routine on Greenwich Park, South London, while Jacqui was in O2.  Ran 4x half mile circuits around a triangular slightly sloping section of the park.  Felt strong, slightly out of breath hence the pace, but significantly no sign of ITBFS today!  Two thoughts about the ITB – I was running on grass, and half way through I definitely felt my core muscles (lower abdomen) that I’ve been targetting showing they were being worked/getting tired.  That’s even though I wasn’t consciously doing anything with them, just running – makes me appreciate the stretching etc is doing some good.

Time:  18:23
Distance:  3.24km
Avg pace:  5:40 min/km

No HRM strap worn.  It would have been 150BPM or high 140s I think.