Day: June 14, 2010

training run #171

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Monday 14 June, 18:01.

Cloudy, bright, overcast, 14C, slight breeze. Ideal for running!  Went for a 4 mile run home > Meadowgate > RV long lap both lakes > return home.  At 3.5k felt very slight rubbing near ITB right knee, but might be me being oversensitive.  After 0.5km went off, never sensitive or painful.  Afterwards knee feels 99% normal, no stiffness or soreness at all.  Otherwise a nice run.  Grey squirrel popped onto road in front of me near watersports centre (tri finish line).  Kept HR in zone 3 (under 150bpm) except for 2 steep climbs back to home.  Decent pace too, felt comfortable.

Distance:  6.8km
Time:  41:01
Avg HR:  146bpm
Avg pace:  6:02 min/km