training run #176

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Saturday 26 June, 07:12.

Sunny, warm, slight breeze, maybe 13C.  Went for 2 long laps of RV at 6 minute pace.  Frustrated to get to start point and HRM not paired with strap and foot pod; had done a software update the night before.  After 5 mins of fiddling got it paired and set up.  Slight niggle right ITB first km but probably just a little stiff as it went off and didn’t return.  Or me being super-sensitive.  Felt good the whole run, good posture, kept a very even pace.  Couldn’t see HR on HRM screen so running on perceived rate of exertion, knew I was just above easy and comfortable pace.  Kept going up the hill and along the Avenue home to make sure I got this week’s total distance done.  Full stretch routine afterwards. Brilliant 🙂

Distance:  10.86km
Time:  1:05:10
Avg HR:  151bpm
Avg pace: 6:00 min/km


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