Day: July 25, 2010

training run #188

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Saturday 24 July, 06:59

Cool, light breeze, sunny, maybe 13C.  Went for 3 laps of both lakes at RV, 9 miles.  Started at a decent pace and tried to keep it up (committed to getting everyone out shopping mid-morning).  Started to tire on 3rd lap and worked hard to maintain good posture/form.  Realised HR was going up and up, because of effort (RPE maybe an 8), heat, and lack of hydration.  Thought of taking Camelbak but couldn’t find all the innards.  A good run but thighs tired and left shoulder telling me I’d been using my arms a bit.  No injury or signs of ITBFS 🙂

Distance:  14.2km
Time:  1:23:44
Avg HR:  157bpm
Avg pace:  5:54 min/km

On Garmin Connect it says peak HR of 171bpm is 98% of my max; I think I could get it much higher if I pushed harder!