Month: August 2010

training run #202

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Monday 30 August, 07:30.

Cool, 11C, sunny, windy on far side of RV, warm on this side.  Went for last long run before Nottingham Half Marathon, 2 long laps and 3 laps of main lake.  Aimed to keep a steady pace around 6 min/km.  Felt OK and managed to knock 6 minutes off my time from 20/8, with a lower avg HR.

Distance:  20.69km
Time:  2:03:20
Avg HR:  156bpm
Avg pace:  5:57 min/km



training run #201

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Thursday 26 August, 18:40.

An evening run for a change, was difficult to fit it in in the morning.  Mild, 14C, spots of rain.  Went for 2 long laps of RV, and managed to do 27 minute laps, not quite a PB.  Good posture all the run and I pushed on for the last 2km.

Distance:  9.35km
Time:  54:05
Avg HR:  150bpm
Avg pace:  5:47 min/km


training run #200!!

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Tuesday 24 August, 06:18.

Cool, windy, 11C so I wore sleeveless yellow coat.  Probably didn’t need it, but it was cold getting to the start.  Went for 2 long laps of RV at 6 min/km pace.  Used Endomondo on Nokia for first time.  Novel how it shouts out your time each km.

Distance:  9.2km (Garmin – less than the usual 9.3 or 9.4!)
Time:  55:44
Avg HR:  145bpm
Avg pace:  6:03 min/km


Endomondo: (recorded distance as 9.43km)

training run #199

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Friday 20 August, 09:51.

Very warm, 20C, overcast, breezy.  Went for 2 long laps of RV followed by 3 laps of main lake, to do a 13 mile run in prep for the Nottingham Half Marathon in 3 weeks time.  Felt good on first laps, fast pace at start and tried to lower it to 6 min/km.  On 4th and 5th laps started to tire a lot, so went into a slower ‘get me home’ pace.  Despite having Camelbak with 500ml water, it wasn’t enough and I didn’t have any gels. Thought having a porridge breakfast at 8am would be enough.  A good run though, no injuries and good to get the distance under my belt again before Nottingham.

Distance:  20.78km (must be under-recording due to slow pace – know it must be easily 13 miles, nearer 13.5)
Time:  2:09:36
Avg HR:  157bpm (max HR 176bpm, which Garmin shows as 101% of max!)
Avg pace:  6:14 min/km


Would like to do one more 13-miler in a week or so, but have lots of driving next weekend too (to Inverness and back!), so will decide later.

training run #198

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Wednesday 18 August, 06:12.

Cool, 13C, sunny.  Went for 2 laps of RV, managed to keep a fast pace and surprised at some of the split times.  Think its the fastest 2-lapper I’ve done.  Because of the busy weekend I missed a run and think that’s been good for my knees.

Distance:  9.38km
Time: 53:46
Avg HR:  148bpm
Avg pace:  5:43 min/km


training run #197

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Sunday 15 August, 10:09.

Hot, 20C and sunny, needed sun cream.  After Emma’s 18th and a lot of standing at Newmarket on Friday I decided to do 2 steady laps of RV, 6 miles.  (This was just to keep me active and was instead of the scheduled 11 miles.)  Started at a fast pace and tired on the second lap.

Distance:  9.3km
Time:  55:39
Avg HR:  154bpm
Avg pace:  6:00 min/km


training run #196

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Wednesday 11 August, 06:16.

Cool, 12C, sunny clear skies.  Went for 2 laps of both lakes at RV, a medium pace 6 min/km.  Had slightly stiff lower back muscles and calves, but got round OK

Distance:  9.33km
Time:  56:10
Avg HR:  144bpm
Avg pace:  6:01 min/km


A very flat cadence graph, incredible 🙂