training run #199

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Friday 20 August, 09:51.

Very warm, 20C, overcast, breezy.  Went for 2 long laps of RV followed by 3 laps of main lake, to do a 13 mile run in prep for the Nottingham Half Marathon in 3 weeks time.  Felt good on first laps, fast pace at start and tried to lower it to 6 min/km.  On 4th and 5th laps started to tire a lot, so went into a slower ‘get me home’ pace.  Despite having Camelbak with 500ml water, it wasn’t enough and I didn’t have any gels. Thought having a porridge breakfast at 8am would be enough.  A good run though, no injuries and good to get the distance under my belt again before Nottingham.

Distance:  20.78km (must be under-recording due to slow pace – know it must be easily 13 miles, nearer 13.5)
Time:  2:09:36
Avg HR:  157bpm (max HR 176bpm, which Garmin shows as 101% of max!)
Avg pace:  6:14 min/km


Would like to do one more 13-miler in a week or so, but have lots of driving next weekend too (to Inverness and back!), so will decide later.

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