training run #229

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Tuesday 30 November, 06:18.

SNOW!  Heavy snowstorm, windy, temp 1C.  Went for a 4 mile loop to old Westfield.  Tried to use tyre tracks on roads but kept switching to footpaths or moved across the road to avoid maniac drivers.  Think this will account for some of the extra distance.  Surprised by fast pace.  Was occasionally blinded by snow in left eye, very uncomfortable.  Didn’t slip or slide despite ice and hard compacted snow.  Buzzing to finish well and beat the conditions.

Distance:  6.99km (usually 6.7)
Time:  41:54
Avg HR:  153bpm
Avg pace:  5:59 min/km!!!!


61 more runs to Rome – I need to figure out a countdown widget for this blog…

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