Month: December 2010

training run #236

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Tuesday 14 December, 06:47.

Cold, raining, went for a 4 mile loop to old Westfield.  Still some ice/snow on some pavements, but the rain was helping to melt what’s left.  Felt slight niggle in knees afterwards, in spite of switching to my middle-oldest trainers.  HR strap still not pairing with HRM.

Distance:  6.8km
Time:  41:32
Avg HR:  not known
Avg pace:  6:05 min/km


training run #235

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Monday 13 December, 06:47.

Cool, 4C, snow/ice on pavements so stuck to roads.  Went for a 3 mile loop to tram terminus and back.  HRM didn’t want to show HR so assumed battery had gone.

Distance:  4.74km
Time:  28:58
Avg HR: not known
Avg pace:  6:06 min/km


Replaced battery in chest strap but still seems dead, doesn’t want to pair with watch.  Will keep trying….

training run #234

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Saturday 11 December, 12:14

Didn’t manage to get up early, so went for a midday run instead.  Mild, 10C, sunshine, felt great, a nice change to pre-dawn running.  Lots of meltwater but ice was patchy on paths and gutter.  Still had to run on road and avoid pavements as far as possible.

Did one loop to old Westfield and one to tram terminus.  Surprised at pace, felt good but was trying to pace myself for the longer distance.  Guess the milder conditions helped my performance a lot.

Distance:  10.23km
Time:  59:36
Avg HR:  154bpm
Avg pace:  5:49 min/km!


2 weeks of marathon schedule completed; 14 weeks to go to Rome 🙂

training run #233

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Thursday 9 December, 06:36.

Cold, 3C, stiff breeze, still snow and slush around but beginning to melt.  Went for a loop to tram terminus and back, 3 miles.  Felt OK.

Distance:  4.91km
Time:  31:10
Avg HR:  145bpm
Avg pace:  06:20 min/km


training run #232

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Tuesday 7 December, 14:22.

Cool, -4C, but sunny.  Did get up at 05:40 for this run but found the toilet didn’t refill and stopcock frozen; pipes frozen solid.  Due to sub-zero temps overnight – we thought down to -12 or so – but Robin Hood Airport reported it dropped to -21, and we’re not that far away.

Went for the usual 4.2 mile loop to old Westfield.  Roads passable, in places only 1 car wide clear of snow and had to give way a couple of times to traffic.  On the middle part approaching the turn point had to use a narrow heavily rutted channel on the footpath; this shows on the cadence chart, was like running uphill on an uneven rock surface.

Tired quite a bit but a decent halfway time (22 mins) and good overall pace too, even though I wasn’t trying to go fast.

Distance:  6.89km
Time:  41:18
Avg HR:  158bpm
Avg pace:  5:58 min/km


I got the pipe unfrozen with hairdryer and a bit of luck, just before doing this run 🙂

training run #231

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Monday 6 December, 05:38.

Really cold (-12.5C), really early, went for a 3 mile run on ice covered roads.  Did a loop towards Killamarsh, up to tram terminus and behind Direct Cars then along the Avenue.  Had to pause a couple of times because of cars sharing the narrow tracks along the snow/icy roads, but was fine.

Distance:  4.75km
Time:  30:29
Avg HR:  145bpm
Avg pace:  6:24 min/km


Conquered the conditions again 🙂  Will need to repeat this a few more times until this cold snap ends…

training run #230

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Saturday 4 December, 09:44.

Sunshine, 1C, lots of snow on the ground but none falling from the sky for a change.  Went for a 5 mile run in the snow and slush.  Got a few funny looks running in shorts while everyone was wrapped up in their thermals.  Was careful not to risk injury from a slip, but still managed a decent pace; at halfway turning point the time was about 21:15, fast for me.  Went on the 4 mile loop to old Westfield and back and took in a loop around Holbrook Ind Est to make the distance over 5 miles.

Nearly got took out by a couple of cars not giving way as I ran in the edge of the slush on roads, but most were good.  Was surprised how easy it was to keep on my feet, though at times it was like running on sand and my socks and trainers were soaked by the end.

A good run, really enjoyed it.  Once again, buzzing at beating the conditions.  It’ll be easy by comparison when conditions turn more favourable.  🙂

Distance:  8.8km
Time:  52:06
Avg HR:  158bpm
Avg pace:  5:55 min/km!!!!!


Week 1 completed; 15 weeks to Rome / 59 training runs to go.