Day: January 29, 2011

training run #261

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Saturday 29 January, 09:55.

Cold, thermometer said 0C but felt colder, frozen puddles on paths and chill breeze.  Sun was shining and by the end of the run the temp had risen to maybe 6C.  Went for the same long run route – Home – RV – Killamarsh – Woodall – Harthill – Kiveton – Wales – RV.  Did an extra lap of both lakes at RV to take the distance to 16 miles.  (Had to do extra 200m past the usual finish point to get the distance in)

Felt good throughout, pace was surprisingly fast and managed to keep it going.  Carried 700ml cordial and had 3 gels.  The peak HR at 20 mins is an error because I was just jogging round/out of  RV, so it can’t be 173/178; I repositioned the belt and it immediately dropped into the 140s.  Felt tired towards the end but could have gone a little further.  Nearly got taken down by a dog running with a football in its mouth at 14 miles, hit my left leg full on.  Glared at the apologising owner….

Noticed that the 19.3km time was 1:52:25 and 22.8km time was under 2:12, so a lot faster compared to previous long runs.

Distance:  25.71km
Time:  2:29:16
Avg HR:  155bpm
Avg pace:  5:48 min/km 🙂 🙂 🙂