Day: February 20, 2011

training run #272

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Saturday 19 February, 13:42

Cool, 2C, slight breeze. Went to Bolton to run 18 miles of the Ironman course with Jeff. It meant running just over 2.5 lengths of a 7 mile route from Horwich to Bolton centre along footpath and cycle track.

Brilliant running with Jeff, we kept pace with each other OK and the 3 hours passed quickly. Carried 800ml of cordial and had 4 gels. Tired towards the end but the long inclines and occasional short hills were good. Feeling quite ready for the Rome Marathon in 4 weeks.

Distance: 29.15km
Time: 2:55:35
Avg HR:  152bpm
Avg pace:  6:00 min/km
Calories: 2112