Month: March 2011

walk 12 march

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Did 2 laps of RV to keep legs flexible and try out strapping, get used to it.  Dry, breezy.  Got couple of blisters, surprisingly.  Only felt slight niggle left knee on way out of RV uphill at 11.5km, nothing much.  Didn’t bother recording HR, just distance:

Distance :12.5km
Time:  1:42:27
Avg pace:  8:12 min/km


physio 11 March

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Saw Garry at Wakefield 17:00.  He thought it could be nerve-related so worked on sciatic nerve, possibly a tight back.  He pressed / massaged back muscles and in buttocks (piriforma?) and also from left knee up outside of thigh.  Still feeling that with stiff muscles in bum Saturday lunchtime.  Showed me a floor stretch which mirrored a difficult stretch he did with my leg going opposite way to shoulder, to help piriforma I think.  Seeing him in 2 weeks, after Rome Marathon.  Strapped left knee and advised to keep it on 3 days.  Gave me strapping for marathon.  Thought I’d probably do a walk on Saturday and Garry agreed.

training run #276

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Saturday 5 March, 14:10.

Cool, 5C, drizzly at the start, stopped later on.  Following appointment with physio in Wakefield on Friday my left knee was strapped up to hold kneecap inwards.  This was due to diagnosis of weak VMO muscle letting kneecap drift to outside of knee causing the pain and soreness.

Aimed to do 4 laps of RV to compare to last week when I had to stop at 18.7km.  Managed to do 20km this time and could have gone a little further.  Felt slight discomfort left knee after 3km, at 3:00 position on knee where webbing was anchored.  This was very bearable.  Later this became soreness at 5:00 position and very gradually got worse without reaching the unbearable level of knee pain that caused me to stop last week.  After 13-14km my left hamstring started to feel tight and I thought this was because my quads were just about exhausted.  Also felt hip joint was slightly strained, again because quads were doing nowt.  Towards 18km felt like I had a dead (left) leg because it didn’t feel strong at all.  But at least this took over from worrying about the actual knee pain.  After finishing at 20km left knee was tender to walk on but gradually got better.  After a bath went to shops and had to walk straight legged because of discomfort at 5:00 position.  On this pic my finger is touching the point of most discomfort.

Steve pointing to painful area on left knee after 20km run
pointing to painful area on left knee after 20km run

So, it was great to do 20km (virtually a half marathon) and get carried away doing a cracking pace, and it’s reassuring that I’ve retained good general fitness without doing a run this week.  Disappointing that the strapping didn’t enable me to do more, and slightly worried I’ve got 42.2km to do in 2 weeks.  I can see me walking/hobbling a fair bit of the marathon.

Distance:  19.96km
Time:  1:51:47
Avg HR:  156bpm
Avg pace:  5:35 min/km!!!!!!
Calories:  1,434